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The Darkness of Plagues – Dawn of Better Societies

Posted on the 26 August 2021 by Andy96

“Three previous plagues could yield some clues about the way Covid-19 might bend the arc of history. As I teach in my course ‘Plagues, Pandemics and Politics,’ pandemics tend to shape human affairs in three ways.

“First, they can profoundly alter a society’s fundamental worldview. Second, they can upend core economic structures. And, finally, they can sway power struggles among nations.” by AP and Israel Hayom Staff

– The Antonine plague, and its twin, the Cyprian plague (A.D. 165 to 262):  Within a century of the end of these plagues Christianity replaced Roman paganism.

– Plague of Justinian & The Fall of Rome (A.D. 542 to 755):  Medieval Europe and the reduced slave supply and agrarianism forced the replacement of Roman Empire slavery with Feudalism.   

– Black Death of the Middle Ages (A.D. 1347 to 1351):  Massive Labor shortages,  urbanization, international trade, and the first small businesses replaced feudalism with capitalism over the next few hundred years and birthed the Renaissance.

Now we are in a forth plague that could “bend the arch of history” and “upend core economy structures.” We can do better than capitalism.

– COVID19  (A.D. 2020 to ???): A new Renaissance led by Millennials and Zoomers could repair our failed systems.

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