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The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App : Augmented Soundtrack to Live the Life of Batman

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Tftb @TFTB

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy comes to a end with the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and fans have always been crazy of its soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. To treat your ears, Reality Jockey Ltd.has released a brand new app.

The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App

“I’m hoping to give fans of this beloved trilogy the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the soundscapes and atmospheres of the world of the Dark Knight. This new app allows users to be part of the film in a way that goes beyond the movie screen—it’s the difference between looking at a photo of a river, and being able to drop your hand over the side of the boat and feel the currents of the water tug as the river takes you on a journey.”

-Hans Zimmer

“Hans sets creative goals for every film that are higher than you ever thought practical…or even reachable.”

- Christopher Nolan

“A CD has tracks that are frozen in time. A Z+ app has musical worlds that evolve and adapt to the listener. Hans is making full use of these possibilities.”

- Michael Breidenbruecker

The app is something similar to what had seen in Nolan’s Inception movie App which included not just the soundtrack of the movie but allowed the listener to experience a range of audio scenes which were based on the factors like time of the day, the weather and your location. The scenes featured material from the movie and picked up the noise from the user’s microphone to create a mixed soundtrack and try to emulate a sonic atmospheric landscape to give a cinematic experience of your own life. As complicated as it sounds, the easier it is to experience yourself. If you hadn’t tried that app, you should try it right now.

Similarly, but not the same The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app takes the experience a step further by making you experience Gotham City which features over two hours of audio, the soundtrack which is combined with augmented with everyday sounds to show the dark and often the panic state of the atmosphere at Gotham City.

This bonus feature of this app being it also includes the recordings of Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan discussing about the movie, filming, story, screenplay and some behind the scenes talk on how this movie got synced with the background score.

The Dark Knight Rises Z+

The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App

The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App

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