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The Crazies of Bet Shemesh Set New Advertising Rules

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In the latest crazy news, Bet Shemesh has once again been put on the front page of the national media by a bunch of kooks.
It seems that the kannoim have issued a set of rules that they insist publications within the haredi community of Bet Shemesh adhere to. the rules include lists of what words cannot be used in advertisements, what images cannot be used, size of advertisements, and what can be used in some neighborhoods but not in others.
Some of my favorites:
 * no images of sheitels or hair
 *  no images of men modeling anything. images of male children must be clearly haredi.
 * no advertising judo, self-defense, etc classes
 * no advertising driving lessons for women or yeshiva bochurim
 * no advertising mixed events or performers who perform before mixed crowds.
 * no advertising evenings of music or chazzanut even if it is for a male-only crowd and for a mitzva
 * no renting rooms for rent,  unless it is in a haredi area
 * no advertising restaurants or other entertainment spots that are not in haredi areas
 * cannot use the words "tzimmer", "pregnant", "nursing", names of women, ...
 * no using words and concepts of the army, police or academy
 * no using a mans name in an ad for womens items, such as "Reuven Cohens wigs"
The crazies of Bet Shemesh set new advertising rules
The crazies of Bet Shemesh set new advertising rules
sources Kikar and ynet
The advertisers and publications feel threatened and that they have to submit to the rules put out by the goons, and maybe that it is not worth fighting them. And ten the goons are emboldened and think they run the place and can continue making the rules...
How do we break out of the cycle? Will something like this be considered so ridiculous that they will just stop complying?
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