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The Court of Free Planet ... Woah, Where is This Law-shit Going, Mike?

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
The Court of Free Planet ... woah, where is this law-shit going, Mike?CRIMES AGAINST FREE PLANET
and you can commit them. You can:
i) attempt to crashland a floating home for personal gain.
ii) attempt to take control of an automated peanut taxi for shits 'n' giggles.
iii) attempt to cage/display/own re-wilded animals for personal entertainment.
iv) attempt to rob, rape, pillage, massacre the species of the Earth for your own amusement.
v) attempt to EARN PROFIT from any activity.
"Wait a minute, Mike, who the fuck gets to 'judge' what's legal and illegal on a Free Planet?"
BIG SMILE here...
Well, do you not agree that IFF all your personal needs are taken care of? You have water. You have food. You have shelter. You have all the education you can manage. You have supportive mentors in Diversities of your choosing. You have opportunities for vocational passtimes etc. You have a new life.
I guess the MAJOR RULE is "Do right by free planet and free planet won't kick your ass to death."
And banishment wouldn't always be enough. sometimes people just have to be put down, like dangerous animals. Same for serial offenders of Free Planet lifeset.
But this isn't about murder, this is about PREVENTATIVE MEASURES i.e. it's about CONTROL OF MARKETING as a life style.
The Court of Free Planet will only concern itself with areas of Personal/Diversity life where MARKETING of your personal ideas or marketing of your communal ideas is shoved in people's faces. This can mean petitioning, stalking, coercion by force, coercion by bribery, blackmail/payment of some kind for membership of a Diversity. Outward recruitment. It's the DIRECTION OF INTENT that's the paramount crime. If someone seeks out a Diversity to become one with, fine. If someone is an agent of a Diversity, very bad.
The future of mankind has to be Free Planet motivated, such that only the rewilded world benefits from human charity/ingenuity. Not the other way round. She comes first, always, followed by you and your personal/communal concerns.
BUT WILL THERE BE DEATH ROBOTS, that's your real concern, isn't it? Will there be Gort?

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