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The Courage of a Community, While a President Showboats!

Posted on the 06 September 2017 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the Difference"  ~~~ Reinhold Niebuhr
A Community of Heroes!...amazing how Mother Nature turns our American Communities of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, all ethnics groups, both Repubs & Dems, Rich Man or Poor Man...all coming together, rejecting hate and rejecting prejudices, with only one goal in mind...saving the lives of their fellow man!!
But even during times of natural disasters, amid all the 'Positive' attention on how American Communities bond with Courage and Moral Responsibilities, in times of Crisis & Tragedy...even then, you have the 'Negativity' of Human Nature.You have those who don't give a damn whatsoever about saving anyone except for themselves, it's those people who during times of Crisis, cowardly run away from their moral responsibility...even if they are safe on higher ground!
Hate, Bigotry, and Racism don't disappear inside a Flood! The immorality of Politicos and the immorality of those "Good Christian Pastors" who 'suppose' to teach and practice Jesus' Corporal Works of Mercy; Feed the Hungry, Shelter the Homeless, Clothe the Naked, Visit the Sick, and so forth! That immorality between Politics and Religion goes hand in hand!
Like the Immoralities of Pastor Joel Osteen, who conveniently closed his massive facility to take in victims, citing his Church was flooded. A very ignorant excuse for a supposed smart man, knowing it wouldn't be too long before being Exposed by the Press...for the Sh*t of a human being, he really is!The Following day, after a 'Hurricane' of Criticism by Social Media and by the Press, nationwide...the Good Pastor opened his MegaChurch to victims. Was it his Guilty Conscience? or sudden empathy towards his fellow man?? Or was it his Heart, his natural love for helping People in distress??Well? How about a noticeable financial loss in his Congregation, and even worse in his dirty greedy mind...a really bad hit on his "Ratings"! 
The excuse, this sorry excuse of a Christian gave for Closing the Church? The City didn't ask me to open it up!WTF?? This man must have missed "Christianity" the day they taught it in Christian School!
WHY WAIT TILL SOMEONE ASKS?? Listen, Joel! You say you're a Man of God? Act like one!! And if you're supposedly sincere in your belief in God?'s your absolute moral responsibility to go out, open your doors, Feed the Hungry, and Shelter the Homeless!!The problem? This Fake Christian has no Empathy and way too much Bigotry! This grifter is a Theological equal of Trump, in every way!! Now though, he can Pray, Confess, do all the Acts of Contrition he wants, and be "Re-Born Again" over and over!!...cause this little Boy, when it's time to meet his maker? He's getting a one-way ticket, straight down to Luciferville!!
Much was lost in the tragedy of Katrina, and it became a national embarrassment for the US Administration. Harvey is much more massive than Katrina ever was! and if you believe Trump's Magic Snake Oil remedies? Trump & Co. is going to fix up Texas, greater than ever?People, especially in Houston, should be reminded that their spineless President slashed the Federal National Flood Insurance program down his golden toilet!...not too long before the Flood!!
And to show America even more of his "Humility" and Compassion, this Bullshit Artist who promised Texas, the Greatest most Awesome re-building relief job in History...besides gutting Flood Insurance away from about 50-100,000 residents, he made FEMA Funding cuts, and cut $190 Million in funding the updates of Maps for Flood Prone Areas! $Millions$ which were also "reportedly" diverted from Texas' Flood Insurance to fund his damn wall!!!And to add to the nightmare…a toxic chemical gas plant explosion with toxic water merging into the flood. EPA? Nowhere in sight & very silent!
How more disgraceful and how much more dishonorable could a man who's the Leader of our Nation be with the American People?? Lying to the victims of this horrific devastation about the greatness of his cooperation into re-building Houston...while silently screwing the Flood Victims all along, of everything they have!!  After Trump's delightful romp of self-adulations, Trump Hat Sales, and Mini-Rally visit in Corpus the wake of a Catastrophe...damage control quickly set in place. 
A Good Sucking Show soon followed, again in Corpus Christi. All, exclusively for the eyes and ears of Texans and Republicans. Gov. Greg Abbott and Mike Pence were given the assignment of covering up Trump's standard messy and embarrassing visit.Apparently, in a formal prepared speech, Abbott praised Trump & Pence for their valuable leadership work and efforts in this Disaster, then Pence praised Abbott & Trump with the same was one big sucking show! And Trump? He only praises himself, what else!
In his 1st Visit, Trump couldn't be happier…Wow! What a Crowd, What an Audience!!...2nd visit, he got his hands dirty helping a little and physically touching someone with less $$$ than him in 50 years. It was your Standard "Concerned Look after a Disaster" Presidential Photo-op…and Melania? still with her damn Spike Stilettoes! Trip 2 Sound byte embarrassments? "Harvey has been a wonderful thing for Texas"…and "have a good time in the shelters, everybody"! This, to people who have just lost everything in their lives…their homes and their livelihood.
Many fine words of condolence, praise to Volunteers, thanks for all donations, and solidarity among Americans. Pretty sound-byte moments of Unity...but, at the end of the day? Where's the Beef!?!?.Where's that Relief Money? Where's that $$$ going to come from? Over a Hundred Thousand have either lost or severely damaged their homes, along with all their Life Belongings & Memories...and on some occasions...the loss of their families, and even their own Lives!!!How do you repair and rebuild, when the Government stops funding the Federal Flood Insurance Plan, to rebuild your home?? How do you re-built a City without proper funding?Dumping a seriously needed Program just because Obama initiated it, to spite him?? That's just Cruel & Evil! Financially, eliminating Federal Flood Insurance will cause a serious economic disaster in economic disaster that will fall flat and roll into a domino effect throughout the Country.
Trump's Inhuman Philosophy: You got to destroy America first if you want to make it Great Again!
The Spirit of Man is more important than mere Physical Strength, and the Spiritual Fiber of a Nation than its Wealth ~~~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
What makes America Great?...certainly it will never, ever be Donald Trump!!In times of Crisis and in times of Tragedy, you can always count on the Majority of Americans to morally unite under one single cause! Like Ike said; the Spiritual Fiber & Moral Fiber of Americans are stronger than any Government Administration!Whether physically rescuing other people, opening their doors to victims, being Volunteer Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics,  or Firefighters; you can't always count on the Government…Katrina proved that!...but you can always count on your fellow Americans!Or if people can't physically help or live elsewhere? Monetary Donations in the Millions will arrive throughout the Country. They'll send Medical Supplies, Food Supplies, Blankets, and Clothing. All arriving from across the United States, Canada....and yes! Mexico!!!!And in times of Grief and Despair, all Faiths truly perform their Services together, in the same Shelters...all praying side by side…Christians, Jews, Muslims, whatever your denomination is! And whatever Hate between the different Faiths? !s remarkably absent in times of Catastrophes! 
Houston!! So much respect for your actions on Immigrants and ICE! The actions on the part of the Mayor and the Sheriff in Houston, shows the exemplary behavior all Law Enforcement Agencies are supposed to have!And to the Citizens of Houston and the Hundreds of boats!. Your collective moral responsibilities ...your Empathy, honorably opening your doors wide for Louisiana Survivors during Katrina, and now battling with your own Crisis. Stronger Together…your Serenity & Courage is a shining example of what makes America Great! The reminder of Catastrophes is in the stories of those who perish. Like the tragic drowning of a Houston Deputy Sheriff, a Hero, who drowned while saving people's lives...and Ironically, a Hero who was of Mexican Heritage. And a Dreamer also drowned rescuing survivors.Did anyone being saved ever give a damn who saved him or her? What ethnicity they were? what color?  Who refused a hand getting out of the water? What Racist or Bigot preferred to drown than be picked up by a Black, a Latino, an Asian, or a Muslim? None!!
Ironic, how many people and Trump Supporters were rescued by the very same people who Trump calls Criminals, Rapists, and Drug Pushers! One Paramedic who rescued dozens of Victims happens to be a Dreamer…the exact type of person who Trump wants to deport and keep away, separated by a Wall!Yes! Racists and Bigot always like to talk tough, but when the Devil is tugging down hard on your legs, sucking you down through some broken storm drain...the most Racist and Hateful person is going to say; Please, Help Me!!
How is the GOP going to pass an already Losing Argument of a Budget? Fund the massive amount of Relief truly needed for Texas? and give Baby Donny some type of pittance for his f*cking Wall, so he can shut up, go away, and play somewhere else?? While at the same time, go nuts with a Tax Reform Package…and a President on the rampage with his own Party? That's the GOP's and Trump's problem!
An insincere, malicious human being as President with a total lack of Empathy, a penchant for wild raging Kleptocracy and Nepotism, and who obscenely over exploits his Base of the Poorly or Non-Educated, is not what America needs!…not now! not ever again!It's amazing how Mother Nature brings People together...and how systematic institutional Ignorance, Hate, and Racism keeps pulling People apart!
Oh God! grant me Serenity, Courage, and the Wisdom to know the damn difference! And in today's TrumpWorld, much more than ever!!
What Comes After All the Water?

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