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The Conspiracy Theory of Jews Working on Shabbos

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I hardly ever listen to the radio nowadays. I got tired of the repetitive banter and fighting. I find my attitude is so much more pleasant since I stopped and switched over to listening to podcasts instead.
This morning as I was getting into my car I heard the talk show host talking to Minister Litzman about the Shabbos ultimatum, so I kept it on for a moment before switching to my podcast.
Litzman said that there was no chilul shabbos by Jews last Shabbos, because of his ultimatum. When asked about the claims repeated by other politicians that Jews did also work, he responded that it is not true and everyone knows that no Jews worked. Litzman continued that it is just one person behind the claim that Jews worked, he refused to say the name though he says he knows who it is and that it can be discounted and ignored and this person is only pressing this claim in order to pressure the Haredi parties to leave the coalition..
This isn't the most titillating conspiracy theory ever produced, but it isn't bad. Where is Barry Chaimish when we need him???
I guess Litzman gave himself his own ladder to climb down. No matter what happened, everyone knows no Jews are working on Shabbos.
I am not sure, if that is the case, why he needs to continue giving ultimatums, if no Jews are working on Shabbos.
Political Talk Radio can be pretty entertaining, but I do not intend to go back to it anytime soon...
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