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The Confederacy & Its Flag: The Legacy of a Symbol

Posted on the 23 June 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
To everyone who believes the Confederate Flag is not a Symbol of Racism...please!! proceed to blabber all the horseshit your heart desires! Self-denial by the uneducated will exist forever...the ignorance, the hate, the bigotry; it's in their DNA! Generation after generation, and their perpetual inability to Socially progress and evolve as a human being past the "N" word.
"As a People we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-Ordained Supremacy of the White Man over the Inferior or Colored Race" ~~~ William T. Thompson (April 23rd, 1863)
William T. Thompson designed the Confederate Flag!...and as much as all the excuses for the Civil War, whether it was States Rights or Slavery or whatever other issue anyone wants to bring out...that Flag represented the Purity of White Supremacy. When the man who designed the Confederate Flag says it  represents "Heaven-Ordained Supremacy of the White Man over the Inferior or Colored Race" ...any way you cut it, my friend!'s unadulterated Racism!!
What's the Big Deal? First and foremost, the Flag was really just a "Battle Flag"...the battle flag for Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, which the Confederacy later adopted as their own. A Museum Piece till Strom Thurmond almost 100 years later, bolted the Democratic Party with his Dixiecrats and instituted the Flag of the Confederacy for his State Rights Party, as a Symbol of Defiance against the Federal Government! You see! the Democrats during those FDR years became just too progressive and too liberal for those Good Ol' Boys' racist and hateful ways....Strom Thurmond became the symbol of Southern Republican Politics, which, with Nixon's Southern Strategy years later, has flourished ever since.
The Flag as a symbol of Ancestry and Southern Heritage?? Sure! if you live inside an empty 'does' sound good! But, to the unfortunate truth: It really was taken out of the museum mothballs in 1956 to protest Brown vs Board of Education in Georgia, and South Carolina in 1962 as a celebrating symbol of the 100th Anniversary of the sounds of Ft. Sumter and secession! The fact they celebrated Ft. Sumter's "Centennial" 101 years later, wasn't wasn't even about history...just a symbolism! as a defiance to Federal School Segregation, and defiance to the then proposed Civil Rights Act! The Flag flourished throughout the South during the 50s and 60s...over 150 years of Lynchings and Cross-Burnings...cold blooded murder! It has become a Symbol for the KKK and for what they stand for, and for American Neo-Nazi Skinheads. A Symbol of Fear, of Hate, of Defiance, but above the words of the man who designed the Confederate Flag to his own likings, thoughts, and philosophy...a Symbol of Racism!!
Dylann Roof's tragic escapade opened up a huge can of worms that America has been hesitant to talk about...add the violence perpetrated by sick minds around the country, and by those 'paid' "To Protect and To Serve" one till now, has been willing to talk about the open racism, violence, and the religious intolerance perpetrated by the Right Wing! It appears a civil and intelligent National Discourse is beginning!
One Political Party has publicly supported Racism, Gun Violence, and the Religiously Intolerant Party has received $$$ from Racist Organizations, are heavy supporters of the Gun Lobby, and of the Evangelical Christians' agenda.
Dylann Roof and his "Manifesto" blew the strategical roof off the GOP's game plan on the Black Community! 
Meanwhile, the GOP is running as far they could've ever imagined from this can of worms! First supporting the Right Wing's talking points by acting in their incredibly stupid self...but in this sinking ship of fools, at least the Presidential Cast of Characters...are avoiding any and all critical negativity on the issue like the plague. Republicans are running scared because they realize Dylann Roof broke their long time cover!! More losing issues and more batshit to clean up if they even have a chance in 2016. The GOP Spin Doctors are working 24/7 to make Republicans look like concerned citizens...but with these clowns? They 'are' determined to embarrass themselves sooner or's their proud tradition of major blunders.
You still have its Batshit crazies like "The League of the South" with its chairman Pat Hines; "It's Cultural Genocide against Whites to Remove the Confederate Flag" Hines said he “never understood” why the American Flag flies over the State Capitol? Stupid is as Stupid does!...ignorance is truly bliss!! And now! you have FoxNews!...and what can you say about batshit journalism? In their infinite wisdom, while the GOP is admitting the Flag may just be a little too controversial, Governor Nikki Haley and other GOP officials are asking for the Removal of the Confederate Flag from the Capital...and companies like Walmart, Sears, and Ebay have removed the Flags and other merchandise depicting the Flag, off the shelves...Fox News just keeps spreading their horseshit all over TV. Now, the Fox Host thinks the Confederate Flag is the Flag of the Democratic Party!! AhhYup! O!K!
Republicans may try to clean up their act and sweep all the batshit left behind by their lunatic fringe...they 'have' gone from brooms to street sweepers!
But, as much as they try, they need to rid themselves from their Tea addiction, or be prepared to lose every Presidential race for the next 20 or so years. You see! "Batshit" is a worthless commodity with absolutely no value of its own on this planet...except, as a pretty good plant Fertilizer!!
The surprisingly uncomplicated racist history of the Confederate flag

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