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The Complicated Love Life Of Oliver Queen – CW’s Arrow

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

CW's Arrow - HeaderNot a secret: I’m a fan of the Green Arrow.

Also not a secret: I’m a fan of CW’s Arrow on Wednesday nights (CTV in Canada and replayed on Much Music)

3rd not a secret: The DC Comics character of Oliver Queen has an interesting history with women and his love life. Ollie’s decision making has always been questionable. There’ve been indecision, poor decisions, rash decisions, selfish decisions, selfless decisions, hurtful decisions and down-right bad decisions. And in the 1st season of Arrow we’ve seen some of that – and there are hints of many more decisions and options to come!

By my count we have 4 options that are either in Oliver’s life now, have been in Oliver’s life in the past, or can come back in Oliver’s future. 

Let’s take a look! 

Oliver and Helena:

Oliver and Helena  - Arrow
Okay, so this is a pair that has already happened – and now Helena is gone. However, Ollie and Helena were toxic for each other and that’s exactly the reason that Oliver could end up with her again. He’s got some dangerous life stuff going on in that head of his and making “bad” decisions seems to help distract him.

If Helena/Huntress ever comes back to Starling City don’t be surprised is she and Oliver Queen end up in each other’s arms again with Diggle shaking his head from the sidelines.

note: It won’t end well. Again.

Oliver and McKenna Hall:

Ollie and McKenna  Hall - Arrow
McKenna has just been introduced to the Arrow audience as a cop and friend from Ollie’s party past. She was a good friend to Oliver in her 1st episode and she holds a position that could be very beneficial to “The Hood” and the Ollie I know from the books isn’t above using someone for what he can get from them.

McKenna is also pretty and there’s a chance for conflict between her and Mr. Lance as well as Laurel and Ollie. This could happen. We’ll have to see what happens next!

note: Don’t be surprised if McKenna ends up at Ollie’s night club in a police capacity.

Oliver and Felicity:

Oliver and Felicity - Arrow
There seems to be a pretty strong chance that something could happen here. I’ve seen some pictures from the next episode and it looks like Felicity is going to learn some more about Oliver. Who knows what that could mean for the 2 of them together.

I can also see Felicity as part of the crime fighting team that is growing and building steam in the Arrow Cave. She’s got the skills Ollie and Digg need and she’s done a lot of work already. I like this pair. It could happen!

note: it seems there are some people out in the world hoping that this pair happens as well. I’ve seen “team Oliver and Felicity” in the search results on the blog here.

Oliver and Laurel:

Oliver and Laurel  - Arrow
The star-crossed lovers. The Green Arrow and Black Canary duo comic book fans know. The former couple split by cheating, bad decisions, the death of a sister and all that comes with it. Oliver loves Laurel. And Laurel loves Oliver. But they both know that they can’t be together and so Laurel is with Tommy. Now Oliver says he’s glad she’s happy and he and Tommy are like brothers – but this can’t last forever.

At some point Oliver and Laurel will have to be together in some capacity and then Ollie will screw it up, as he does. But they will be there and we will be watching!

note: I can’t wait to see how this is written and plays out.

I’m really digging what the CW has done with Arrow so far in season 1 and this is going to be one of those shows that I’m going to miss the whole time it’s on break before season 2 starts. No matter who Ollie is dating, I’ll be watching. 

Stay awesome kids – shoot straight! 

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