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The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of Your Heart?

By Coreyamaro

The music seeps up from the streets, overflows from the feet of those walking along, then travels to the heart.

Music hand in hand with Ireland.

Starts young. The little girl said, "Yeah" to every song the musician sang.

Was it water or straight up gin?

"Whatever," I thought as I bit into some homemade crisps.

Colorful Ireland

Local honey smooth golden soft. 

The wool spun

up and through

worn warm,

close to heart,

never far from the source,


but not hard.


Colorful Ireland

Each building a different color.

Wear yours-

be yourself-

be true-

be good.

Colorful Ireland









Babies with rosy cheeks

And the sea and ocean pounding lullabye.

Colorful Ireland

I have walked on grass so soft my feet sank to my bellybutton.

Do the Irish know the color taupe, black, gray or white?

I wore an orange sweater today, French Husband did not know who I was. I threw on Carrie's blue scarf to add to the rainbow punch.

It reminded me thirty years ago on a beach in Spain, I was the only woman with a top. Peer pressure, I took it off.

Red, so red, fried to a crisp. Thought my nipples would fall off.

Wearing an orange sweater is mild by comparison... Oh age softens the toughest cookie.

Colorful Ireland

The music runs as deep as the green.

Colorful Ireland

The facades above

are all on one side of a block. 

That is to say Ireland is colorful.

Every step.




Ireland Color

Homemade Potatoes Crisps.

Heaven is certainly here.

A bag of warm love.

Never ever in France before lunch

But in Ireland, do what you want and let live.

Freedom rules.

Crisps at 10 am.

Ireland Color




Ireland Color

I honestly believe someone threw a large green patchwork quilt over the land and called it Ireland.

Ireland Color

A little black and white in Ireland.

He is the color of my heart.

The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?
The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?
The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?
The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?
The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?
The Color of Ireland? What is the Color of your Heart?

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