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The CLL Tribune: Useful Articles on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia by Patients, Caregivers. and Doctors

By Bkoffman
I am so proud of and thankful to the patients, caregivers and doctors who wrote for The CLL Tribune: A Quarterly Publication of the CLL Society on chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
See: is full of good stuff for those at any level of their disease.
As we close out another holiday season, we reflect upon the good times with family and friends, and remember all that has been accomplished in the world of CLL in 2016.
The CLL Society continues to provide education and resources to fill the unmet needs of CLL patients and caregivers. The Society also started a number of in-person patient support groups around the country where patients help patients understand their CLL and cope with a cancer diagnosis. And, most importantly in 2016, the dedicated researchers brought us new therapies in clinical trials and FDA-approved novel biologics to treat CLL.
Now we look forward to the promise of more and better treatments to come in 2017. As CLL patients, we must stay vigilant, educated, and strong. And, with more people being diagnosed with CLL every day, we must continue to help them along their CLL journey.
If you can support our mission with an end of the year tax-deductible donation, be assured it will be used to help more patients and caregivers and allow us to offer more services. We wish you and your families a healthy and Happy New Year. Stay strong. We are all in this together.
Here are some of the articles:
Watch and Wait: Professor Chris Fegan from Wales "GETS" CLLDr. Brian Koffman and Dr. Chris Fegan discuss discussed the stress of being diagnosed with leukemia in general and in particular, dealing with "Watch and Wait".
Ibrutinib For Watch and Wait? My StoryMeldon Kahan, a CLL patient, shares his decision to join a clinical trial testing ibrutinib in treatment-naïve patients who are still in the watch and wait phase.
What to Do While You Watch and Wait: A Patient's PerspectiveMark Hoffman, a CLL Patient, shares how he manages watch and wait and what works for him: education, diet and exercise, green tea and turmeric.
What You Should Know as a CLL CaregiverHoward Massey, a caregiver for a CLL patient for the past 10 years shares some key elements to being a good caregiver.
You Never Know: Twenty Years since Stage IV and Counting Dennis Fried, CLL patient, uses his great sense of humor to describe how he dealt with his initial diagnosis of Stage 4 CLL and the challenges he has faced since that time.
Autoimmune Problems in CLLDr. Brian Koffman reviews the fundamentals of autoimmune disease that can cause low blood counts or cytopenias in CLL patients, potential causes and how it is treated .
Richter Syndrome Dr. Adrian Wiestner from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD explains what Richter Syndrome is and the available data about this rare condition when CLL/SLL transforms into an aggressive lymphoma.
ASK THE DOCTORDr. Richard Furman of Weill-Cornell Medical College answers readers' questions submitted to the CLL Society
CONFERENCE COVERAGEASH 2016: An Interview with Dr. John Pagel on Maintenance Therapy in CLLRead or watch the interview with Dr. Pagel from ASH 2016 where he shares key data presented on the topic of maintenance therapy in CLL.
DID YOU KNOW?Learn some key facts and data points about CLL
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