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The Charming Chihuahua Dogs Are the Most Known

By Dogbreeds

The chihuahua dogs characterize themselves for their fast movements, and for being elegant and energetic. Generally speaking, many people think this dog breed has a lot of similarities with the terriers, due to the fact they are courteous, quick, and always ready to act upon the circumstances. This breed is a perfect mascot thanks to their nobleness and loyalty. Despite of being a small dog breed, they show qualities of bigger dogs, and they demonstrate to be brave and better in the eyes of the big ones.

Chihuahua Dog Picture

picture via: maskottchen.com.mx

The chihuahua dogs are very known for being guardians to their owners and they tend to be very loyal to them. However, they are often distrustful with unknown persons. It is very clear that because of their size they are companionship & surveillance dogs , but not protective. This type of small dog breeds generally experiment trembles that not always have a relationship with cold temperature. Some reasons that produce this are fear, and situations that they don’t feel comfortable with. It is important to mention that this tremors are a natural quality from this type of dog-breed.

Without doubt, the chihuahua dogs are one of the most charming little breeds that can be perfect mascots due to the fact they can establish strong emotional bonds with his proprietor.

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