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The Case For The Bathroom As Your Most Important Room – And How To Make It Amazing

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn


Photo from PixaBay / Taken by LeeMelina08

It is often said that the kitchen is the center of the home. There is some truth to this – anyone who has ever been to a party knows it always ends up in the kitchen. It’s where you eat, prepare food and gather as a family.

Have we dismissed the other household rooms by saying this, though? There is a solid argument for the bathroom being an essential area to get right when it comes to decor.

There’re multiple reasons for this, but I present before the court the following considerations:

  1. The bathroom is where you start the day. If you’re waking up and the first thing you see on a cold Monday morning is a room in bad shape, it’s not going to put you in the best of moods.
  2. It’s also the place where you prepare yourself to face the world outside. You get clean; you put on makeup (should you choose to wear any), and you begin to acknowledge the day.
  3. It’s also a place of relaxation. How many guides to destressing yourself involve talk of long, hot baths surrounded by candles? It’s not going to be as easy to do that if being in the bathroom just makes you wish for new decor. Worse yet, if it’s tough to clean, then your “me time” is going to become “me + cleaning” time.

So, the verdict is in: the bathroom needs more recognition.

It follows fairly naturally that you will undoubtedly want your bathroom to be stylish and modern. What better way than to begin a fresh day than in a pleasing aesthetic? Current bathrooms are a masterpiece of clever color-coordination and modernist leanings. So how do you grab a piece of that for yourself?

  1. The Bottles Have Got To Go

One surefire way to ruin the style of your bathroom is to fill it with bottles. If you have a bit of a habit of picking up shower gels, bath lotions and anything else – that’s your call. We bet you smell great! But leaving the containers for your lotions and potions around is going to ruin any clean lines you try to create. Cluttering them together in a basket, 90s style, is not an option either – get everything into a cupboard.

  1. Look At The Little Details

When you have chosen your bathroom suite and a few ornaments, it feels like your work is done. In reality, there’re many additional areas you have to consider. For starters, necessities like the bath mat and the shower panels need to be easy to clean and on the same color palette. Look at the room from 360 degrees (including the floor) to see the areas you need to work on.

  1. Go For Light Colors

This one may be more of a personal preference, but light colors work better in a bathroom. They reflect light in a small room and give a feeling of cleanliness. Anything too dark may begin to resemble a 20s-appropriate speakeasy restroom – an aesthetic to avoid in the modern age.

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