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The Cambridge Satchel Company: From Vintage to Contemporary.

By Britishcouture
The iconic Cambridge Satchel has made itself known not only with school children and fashionable women all over the world, but also making its stamp in the celebrity limelight. Being fortunate enough to own a cute little vintage satchel myself, I can't help but play around with all the wonderful colours and designs of the satchels available from the Cambridge Satchel Company. There are so many different designs, shapes, colours, and sizes of satchels available from the designer brands right down to the high street. But one thing you couldn't find was an authentic classic style satchel, and there is no one that achieves that better now than the Cambridge Satchel Company. What I love about this product is the variety and the quality and the founder Julie Deane's passion to bring back the classic vintage satchel. See Fashionista here who managed to speak to Julie for the full story into how she turned her dream into reality. It is truly commendable. 
You can guarantee that each stitch and fold of leather is carefully crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The bags are individually made. This makes you feel just that bit special that the bag is being tailor made just for you. And notably being British manufactured I felt it deserved a worthy position on British Couture, as of course I love to promote and advertise all things British, because we are proud to be British, right? and our country needs to bring back and drive British manufacturing as we've seemed to of lost our way a bit.
Below are my favorite designs and colours that I put together using their site. A huge benefit of The Cambridge Satchel Company is that it provides you with the ability to customize your preferred style, color and size. You are then able to see exactly what your satchel will look like before you excitedly wait for the postman to deliver it, providing he doesn't pinch it for himself to store his post. They even offer you the opportunity to emboss for letters of your choice onto your satchel, in four of the following colours: black, blind, gold and silver. This is a great gift idea, but of course it is also a worthy treat for yourself. Would you be able to give this as a gift and forget yourself? I think not.

The Cambridge Satchel Company: From Vintage to Contemporary.

(From Left to Right) The Fluoro in Fluoro Pink 11" £115.00
The Classic in Black 11" £94.00
The Batchel in Green Classic 15" £113.00
** Limited Edition The Downing 11" £130.00 (Collaborating two of this seasons must have colours)
The Backpack 15" £118.00
The Classic in Vintage 13" £98.00
(More colours & sizes available)
I will sure be investing in one of these gorgeous bags, not to replace my own vintage satchel (which sadly is starting to wear as its pretty ancient), but who doesn't love something fresh and contemporary  and something that has British written all over it. If I had to choose I would opt for the Classic Style, the Backpack, or best of all, the Fluoro of course in pink (what a perfect injection of color into any outfit).You can find these adorable satchel bags in lots of stockists worldwide, but also can be found most profoundly in the iconic Selfridges and Harrods in London. Visit The Cambridge Satchel Company's website hereFinally I would just like to say hats off to Julie Deane, the face behind these wonderful satchels, who has made our search for authentic vintage satchels trouble free!

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