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The Boston Globe and Its So-called "Winter Arts Guide" Can't Be Bothered to Cover Jazz

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Notlobmusic @notlobmusic
In a Facebook post Jim Carroll, a writer for Arts Fuse, grouses about the Boston Globe's lack of jazz recommendations in its "Winter Arts Guide"

Jim Carrollabout an hour ago

Well, the Boston Globe and its so-called "Winter Arts Guide" can't be bothered to cover jazz, but you can always get a rich set of recommendations at the Arts Fuse:http://artsfuse.org/76252/coming-attractions-in-jazz-february-2013/Tell your friends!

Jazz Boston has been in communication with the Globe....
See https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151385976631122&set=pb.44919731121.-2207520000.1359916720&type=3&theater
& https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151385988566122&set=pb.44919731121.-2207520000.1359916720&type=3&theater

An invitation from the Globe to Boston's jazz community:
Our letter about the absence of jazz from the Globe’s review of 2012 in the arts will be published tomorrow (1/13) in the paper’s Sunday Arts section. This news came in an email from Rebecca Ostriker, the Globe’s Arts Editor, who offered an explanation (attention Steve Greenlee), affirmed the Globe’s commitment to covering jazz, & opened a door to communication about “any stories you feel merit special note.” Here’s Ostriker’s whole letter (reproduced with her permission):
“Thanks very much for your letter, which was forwarded to me by the editor who supervises Letters to the Editor for the Boston Globe. I submitted it last week for consideration to our editor who handles Arts letters, and I’m happy to inform you that we plan to publish it in this coming Sunday Arts section.
“We appreciate your interest in the Globe’s jazz coverage very much. As it happens, our Year in Arts section is a forum for staff critics to place a spotlight on individual themes, trends, and artists that most interest them, and it can never be comprehensive. But of course we remain committed to covering jazz as part of the vast array of arts offerings in the region. I’m cc-ing Assistant Arts Editor Michael Brodeur, who directly supervises our pop music coverage, including jazz; I do hope you’ll feel free to contact him with any stories you feel merit special note. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly, anytime –“
What recent stories of merit do you think the Globe overlooked?

But apparently the response is too little, too late. Read Jazz Boston member comments, including Mr. Carroll's at the same links as above.I am not a Boston Globe subscriber thus cannot read the "Winter Arts Guide" on line, will have to get a hard copy, but I will give odds that the Globe's coverage of other forms of "the peoples' music" is minimal.

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