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The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Cleansing PolishI have been using this product for nearly a month so I can give you guys a good review.  The good news is that I really like it.  I am always a bit wary when trying out a new skincare product, but I am very pleased with this cleansing polish.
What The Body Shop says about this product: "Remove dead skin cells and reveal radiance with a gentle exfoliating face wash that will leave your skin smooth and revitalized."  The ingredients include the camu camu berry, which is the source of vitamin C.  Aloe vera is also in this product, and it's function is to soothe skin. 
What I say: Even though I use this polish four or five mornings of the week, it is gentle enough for daily use.  My skin always feels squeaky clean after using this.  The micro beads and gel like consistency make it a great option for sensitive skin.  However, if you do not have sensitive skin, it might be a bit too gentle.  I really love that it lathers up quite nicely.  A lot of products that are similar do not.  The scent is not amazing; it does smell of citrus but is more artificial.  But I can deal with it and it goes away quickly.  Since I have been using this, and The Body Shop's Vitamin C Skin Boost and Energizing Face Mist (review here), I have noticed that my skin looks a lot brighter.  My family actually says that my skin has a nice glow, which is a compliment I have never received before.  I have experienced no irritation with this product, but it does dry out my skin a little, which is the only con.  And it is minor because it is easily fixed with moisturizer.  This product is great for brightening, keeping breakouts away and protecting your skin from the environment.   I give this product a 5 out of 5 =)

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