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The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat May Not Be What You Think!

By Bellyfatformula @fatbellyblog
Best Way To Lose Belly Fat 

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat 

Ever wondered how fat or skinny you are?  The brand new belly button challenge tests just that…

Actually I can’t back that up!  Let’s start again…

An utterly ridiculous new craze (with no scientific value) has gone viral on the web where individuals test how skinny they are, how much belly fat they have… or perhaps how long their arms are as they reach around to grab their belly button.  The craze has gathered some real momentum throughout social media in Asia in particular.

Have a read of the story here

So off the back of this unbelievably odd fitness (to use the term loosely) craze… we thought we would reflect on some of the other really weird fitness or weight loss trends that have tried to claim status as the best way to lose belly fat in the past few years.

Twerking Classes?  Really?
While she might not have invented twerking, the popularity of this rather risqué dance move soared once Miley Cyrus twerked all over Robin Thicke’s crotch area on stage at the 2013 VMS awards.  Now this particular move is so hot that you can go to your very own twerking fitness class.  Why would you want to?  I am not sure either… but it means you can learn how to do it alongside a bunch of other heart burning and booty blasting dance moves.

Jump like a kangoo
I am not sure if the name of this fitness workout was inspired by the Australian native animal the Kangaroo… but by the looks of the endless bounding and hopping it could have been.  Kangoo jumps workouts were apparently originally developed for runners and other athletes to aide in reducing the weighted impact on their bodies.  By donning a paid of rebound shoes you can join a class, get fit and reduce the impact on your joints by 80% (they claim).  The founders claim that it is right up there with the best way to lose belly fat while also reducing the likelihood of injury.

The backwards running craze
As if running forwards wasn’t hard enough already right?  Research completed back in 2011 claimed that almost 30% more energy was expended by individuals who ran backwards as opposed to forwards.  That great, but did they factor in the increase in injuries from not being able to see where one is going!

Doga… or Dog yoga
Dog yoga.  What will they think of next?  Now before you think this one is designed to get your canine friend in shape, think again.  This refers to the uncommon phenomenon of taking your dog to your yoga class to join in the fun.  Tiffany Cruikshank, an advocate for using dogs to lighten the mood of a yoga class, is a NYC based yoga teacher.  But if you think you can walk into any town and find a class… think again.  There are not too many Yoga studios that have gone to the dogs…

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