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The Best Vacation Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of

By Wickedying @wickedying

There are plenty of iconic vacation destinations that summon an image in our minds whenever they are mentioned, mainly because many of us have enjoyed a visit to Paris, Rome, Barcelona or New York to name a few.

Mention somewhere considerably more obscure on the world map like Sark for example, and you might get much more of a blank look, as this is just one example of a great destination that a lot of us may never have heard of but would almost certainly enjoy if they stray off the normal tourist routes and broaden their horizons.

This infographic gives you a few valuable pointers and ideas of some vacation destinations which are well worth visiting but you may never have heard of before.

best vacation destinations

(Source: Bolsover Cruise Club)

As highlighted by the details for Sark and also another suggested destination like the Forbidden Islands, you will have to take various modes of transport before reaching your chosen venue for your vacation adventure. Taking a plane followed by a boat is to be expected if you are going to visit a place which is not on every tourist’s radar, but that is part of the fun and adventure as your reward when you take in a view that not every traveler has.

If you are hoping to get to Zermatt for example, there are no cars to help you complete your journey, although you can at least catch an electric bus when you get there and you might even want to pack the skis for this particular adventure as the Matterhorn Mountains will be your host when you travel to Zermatt.

Next time you think about another trip to Paris, as iconic and exciting as it is, why not broaden your horizons and try visiting a vacation you had not heard of before?


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