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The Best U.S. Cities to Live in for Healthier Skin

By Null Null

If you’re in the US and into going greener with your beauty regimen, listen up! Where you live may also be a factor in how healthy your skin is. Check out this great infographic from The Daily Glow. Pollution, sun, and air quality can all play a factor in skin health.  Since moving isn’t exactly a valid option for many of us, what can we do if our home city is listed under one of the worst?

Avoiding the source can help – for instance, in Las Vegas, a large population smokes. If you frequent the casinos there, stick to the non-smoking areas. Antioxidants can help work against the environment you’re in – take them internally via fruits, veggies and supplements, and externally with lotions, creams and serums. San Diego, CA has higher cases of melanoma, so wear sunscreen at all times and stay away from tanning bed salons.  Reside in Memphis? Get active!

As a personal note – knowing Honolulu’s air quality, I wasn’t surprised when I found myself with perpetually clear skin growing up there!

Take a look at the best and worst cities to live in, and make adjustments if you need to – there’s always an answer!

The Best U.S. Cities to Live in for Healthier Skin


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