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The Best Places To Be Born: Kuwait is Rated Second in the Arab World.

By Umkhaloodie

I saw this via Expat and the City

Kuwait is rated second best place in the Arab World to be born

”“According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the UAE is 1st in the Arab World & 18th globally in: ‘The-where-to-be-born 2013 index’,” Sheikh Mohammed announced in a tweet on Monday.

“We aim to be one of the best in the world, and our ‘Vision 2021’ has laid out a clear road map to accomplish this goal,” the ruler added in a follow up tweet on the same day.

The Economist Intelligence Unit index takes into account GDP/capita, GDP growth, inflation, cost of living, human rights, life expectancy, literacy, % of population in higher education, Economist readers per million capita, yawn index and bonus points.

Switzerland topped the global where-to-be-born index followed by Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden in second and third respectively.

Kuwait has been rated second in the Arab World and 22nd globally.” Source



THE HEART OF KUWAIT KITE (Photo credit: kuwait kites team)

I can’t disagree with that. My children are so blessed to have a Kuwaiti father, a supportive government and a life most children would dream of. My children have a nanny each who provides them with 24/7 playtime when mommy or daddy are busy with business and/or other adult things

They have great healthcare, great education and live in a country where it will cost less than 6 pounds stirling to fill their cars with petrol……. truly blessed. My daughter will have the choice to work or not work, the choice to drive or hire a driver and have a cook/maid etc to do things that we westerners don’t even think about. It won’t make her lazy because I will still teach her to cook, clean and do all the things a woman should do but she will just be lucky enough to never have to do it.

I wouldn’t choose any other country in the world to raise my kids. We all know that kuwaiti kids are spoilt but it’s because they ‘can’ be, Kuwait has worked hard to get to where it is and so have many kuwaitis, why shouldn’t their 2 year olds have ipads and iphones? Crazy, perhaps in some parts of the world yes, but my 2 year old appreciates already that he doesn’t always get what he wants, he still tidies up his bedroom and he still gets punished if need be. And yes, he does have an iphone and an ipad and we are considering buying the new ipad mini for both of them at xmas, and why? because we can.

God Bless Kuwait.

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