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The Best Dog Food For Chihuahua: Which Should You Buy? (2017’s Top 5 Picks)

By Junefrazier

Choosing the right dog food for your Chihuahua may take a little research. As you know, the market has a lot to offer when it comes to different brands of dog foods that may or may not be suitable for your Chihuahua. Each pack contains a mixture or formulation of various ingredients that can help enhance your dog's nutritional needs.

How would you know the best dog food for your dog's proper growth and development?

Chihuahuas belong to the huge lineup of toy breeds. Compared to larger breeds, they are able to digest and burn calories much faster. They are incredibly active and even with their adorable tiny body, they love to engage in different types of physical activities.

Chihuahuas have sensitive bellies, so you definitely can't give whatever food you think is right. Their health requires a proper balance of fats, fundamental carbs, and protein to ensure a healthy diet and greater development in the long run.

You can consider healthy home cooked dog recipes. But to help you choose which dog food gives the best nutrition for your Chihuahua, we've listed down the top 5 best dog food on the market. Keep reading!

Quick Picks: Some of the Top Food Options for Chihuahuas

Feed Your Chihuahua The Right Dog Food

Every breed has its own special needs, especially when food and nutrition come to question. German Shepherds require food that is high in protein. French bulldogs, on the other hand, should maintain a healthy diet with a rich supply of protein but low in carbohydrates.

What about Chihuahuas? They certainly require a proper diet to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. As what we have mentioned, Chihuahuas fall under the kind of toy breeds. They are small but incredibly active and enthusiastic. So, their tiny bodies need to be supplied only with the sufficient and high-quality dog food.

While most owners try to keep up with the premium quality dog food, some just settle for low-quality and cheaper dog food. This may save you a lot for now. But in the long run, you'll risk your dog's health and you might spend more for its medication and health care.

So, when choosing the right dog food for your Chihuahua, there are ingredients you need to go for and to avoid. What are those, then?

  • Meat such as chicken, lamb, beef, or fish for protein
  • Vegetables for vitamins and minerals
  • Essential fatty acids for higher energy level

As Chihuahuas are high in energy, they need a dog food that is rich in protein. This can be sourced from real meat such as chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. Vegetables would also be an essential ingredient in your dog's food. This can provide the fundamental vitamins and minerals that will maintain your dog's energy all throughout the day.

Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 or Omega-6., on the other hand, come from healthy fish oils. These oils can help fight off diseases, improve the immune system, and keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny.

To ensure these necessary ingredients are in your dog's diet, you should always check the label of the dog food you're buying.

Ingredients You Choose

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colors or flavors
  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Corn gluten
  • Corn syrup
  • Animal fat
  • Filler products such as low-quality grains
  • Food dyes

Chihuahuas have sensitive tummies. Although some breeds can tolerate fillers or other preservatives, Chihuahuas can't. We shouldn't stick with fillers and preservatives, though. As you know, such components can cause potential health risks.

All these fillers mentioned should be thoroughly checked on the dog food you're buying and definitely be avoided to prevent your dog from getting diseases or health problems. The wrong choice of dog food may cause coat problems, weak immune system, obesity, canine diabetes, poor growth, food allergies, and nutrition deficiency.

Meal Schedule: How Often Should You Feed Your Chihuahua?

Once you determined the right dog food for your Chihuahua, how often should you feed him? Toy breeds such as Chihuahuas should be given with small but frequent meals. However, the schedule changes according to your dog's age.

Here's a recommended meal schedule that you can consider.

It is best to provide your dog a meal schedule in order to supply the nutrition your dog needs. You may consider the chart. But if you're uncertain or your dog suffers from a certain disease, you should consult your vet for professional advice regarding the proper diet.

Our List Of The Top 5 Best Dog Food For Chihuahua (Updated For 2017)


It is not always easy to pick out the right dog food for your furry companion. With all the different brands of dog foods for toy breeds, specifically Chihuahuas, you won't end up with the best option for the first time. Some formulas may contain ingredients that are not right for your dog. That's why our list covers the best dog food that you can find in the market.

Considering the price, the quality, and the fundamental ingredients and nutrients for a dog food, the Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food takes over the list. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals and all the other substantial nutrients that a Chihuahua needs.

This dog food has no preservatives and useless fillers; no corn, wheat, and soy but only the high-quality ingredients that can strengthen your dog's immune system, promote better digestion and boost energy.

What about you? Which dog food are you planning to get? Not yet decided which dog food is the right for your adorable Chihuahua? Well, if you have questions or concerns about your dog's meal plan, don't hesitate to share them with us through the comment box below!

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