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The Best Birthday Gift: M Is Coming To London!

By Hanna

On Monday it was my birthday and I flew to Scotland to celebrate with my parents over the weekend. We had a lovely time and it was good to see them after spending so many months in between London and Nepal.

The day before my birthday, I received the best gift possible – M booked his flight ticket to London! I was so excited when he told me I literally couldn’t breathe, I had never guessed that he would come this early.


It has been such a stressful process applying for his visa and waiting for it be accepted. Luckily, it was accepted and sent back from India only on Friday but even then M had to wait for his finance and funding to come through. As far as I was aware, it was not 100% official that he would be coming back at all! But when I read the message that he will be landing on Saturday evening, I was the most happiest girl in the world!

However, as with all things in an intercultural relationship, it could not possibly go all by what I wanted and expected. I had to consider his culture and family’s wants and wishes. So, I had to say farewell to my dream of being able to meet M from the airport. The same when I had to discard my dream of being able to initially say goodbye to him at the airport when left for Nepal one year ago. Instead, his uncle and aunt will meet him and take him back to their house before he comes back to London later on.

Closing the distance! Every LDR couple's ultimate movie moment!

Closing the distance! Every LDR couple’s ultimate movie moment!

I am a little sad that I will not be able to close the long distance at the airport but at least he got to when I came to Nepal. Even though it was nothing more of an awkward half hug against the backdrop of a huge crowd of Nepali uncles and aunties who were scrutinizing our every move to make sure we did not breech the physical contact rule anymore than we were doing – not quite the romantic movie airport scene! Nevertheless, I am still very blessed that he is able to come back sooner than expected and I am very happy with the thought that I could be seeing him at the end of this weekend or the beginning of next week!

Now, we will both need to get through the last week apart – which I find  is always one of the most difficult in a long distance relationship! M is crazily busy with getting all his business sorted in Nepal before he leaves. He is being treated well by his family and being invited to visit all his extended family in the few days he has left.

Amidst all the excitement for M, it is putting strain on us as we have not been able to speak on the phone, let alone text some days since I have arrived back from Nepal. With M still not having found a place for himself to live yet, it is becoming a little last minute! His laid back nature is making me panic a little as I do not even know what is going on in his life. Whilst I was with him in Nepal, I knew and had access to all the things that were going on in his life (deadlines, processes all the boring in between bits) So it was a real shock to know he had booked his flight when I did not even know he was looking for one yet.

Regardless of all the fluster, I am hoping this week will pass quickly so I can reclaim my birthday present by being back in M’s arms! I am so excited to be able to close the gap and find out the new rhythm of our relationship living in London!

londonReaders – What was your experience of closing your long distance relationship gap? Do you think the romantic airport scene is really that important? Please share your experiences below! 

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