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The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results

By Expanishargentina @expanish

The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor tasting results

A passionate subject amongst those who have tried alfajores, we took the search for the best alfajor extremely seriously!  We started the search for the best alfajor with the Facebook community and asked for your favorite brand and type of alfajor. It did not take long before a heated discussion began and people started to express their love for alfajors on the Facebook Opinion Poll. The results of the Alfajor Facebook Opinion Poll can be seen below:

 Alfaores Chocolates1 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results Alfajores 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results  Mixed Alfajor 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results
  1. Cachafaz
  2. Jorgito
  3. Havanna (
  4. Other
  5. Abuela Goya
  6. Milka
  7. Aguila

Having looked at the results of the Facebook Opinion Poll, we wanted to take our research deeper into the tasty world of alfajores, so we decided to have a ‘regrettable’ alfajor tasting to measure if and  how much we were subjected to the marketing and the culture. We had a sweet Friday and made a blind tasting of the top brands of our poll: Havanna, Jorgito, Aguila, and Cachafaz with all the BsAs4U team as participants (we have to add that we have a multicultural team which makes our sample very diverse and less influenced by the culture).

The results of the blind alfajor tasting at BsAs4U were as follows:

  1. Cachafaz
  2. Jorgito
  3. Aguila
  4. Havanna (which surprisingly received 0 votes)

We have to say that besides being fun and sweet, it was a very interesting experience as we learned that our opinions were segmented and all of us had a change in thoughts and a change of our favorite alfajor brand after last Friday’s tasting.

Finally, as a conclusion, we are proud to declare the Cachafaz as the best alfajor in Buenos Aires and this is a non paid publicity.  But do you know what a Cachafaz is? Lets learn a new lunfardo word…cafachaz, is an adjective to define a crafty or cunning person, and it is even a tango myth, a person considered the  best tango dancer, teacher and actor of the late 20´s was known under the nick of El Cachafaz.

So Cachafaz is a word that represents the Argentineans, but how come Havanna became the most famous brand of Argentina? Well, it seems that Havanna Alfajores was the best or at least the best known and for many years identified Argentineans all over the world, but the company was sold. Urban legend says that the first owners of Havanna, after concluding their secrecy clause of the contract, began a new company under the brand of El Cachafaz using with the original recipe used in the traditional Havanna at its very beginning in Mar del Plata.  This might also explain why many speak about the similarity of tastes and packages.

For those who have advanced Spanish, here is a video (Spanish) with a deep analysis about the similarities between Havanna and El Cachafaz:

And here is BsAs4U’s alfajor tasting that proves that El Cachafaz was the winner in the 2012 poll and can also be compared with what was supposed to be the only kosher alfajor, a brand called Successo which, is also very similar to the other two in question.

So make sure you don´t fall in the marketing and branding of today’s world and make sure you try the different alfajores for yourself. Let us know which your favorite is and enjoy your own personal quest in search of your favourite alfajor

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