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The Benjamin Kanarek Interview by Jeanne Beker from CTV Fashion Television

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog

After our announcement in July, many of you asked when would you be able to watch the Benjamin Kanarek interview that Jeanne Beker from CTV Fashion Television did during the last Haute Couture Fashion Week at the Bristol Palace Hotel in Paris.

Jeanne Beker, the Canadian face of fashion reporting for the last 25 years, Host of Fashion Television and Fashion Photographer Benjamin Kanarek clicked instantly as if they had only seen each other a week ago !!

“The reunion with an old flame” is a very Special Feature with palpable emotion, where two very good friends who have not seen each other for several years and finally meet up and discover that they fortuitously have both taken very similar paths in the Fashion Industry.

The program has been featured on CTV at the beginning of the week and is syndicated around the world.

For those who missed it here it is.

You want to know more about Jeanne Beker? Check this great interview by Jian Ghomeshi from Q Studio where Jeanne talkes about her career in her last book “Finding Myself in Fashion“.

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