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The Benefits to the Environment Gained From The Use Of Reusable Bags

Posted on the 22 January 2013 by Aqueel Mansoor @aqeelchishti213
The Benefits to the Environment Gained From The Use Of Reusable BagsTo decrease the unnecessary usage of disposable plastic and paper bags, it's very important for people to use reusable bags.  Reusable grocery bags cut down on a large quantity of trash.  Every time a person buys groceries they're packaged in as many as 10 or maybe more plastic bags and as many paper bags if the shopper chooses paper as an alternative to plastic.   These bags could be reused for storage or rubbish disposal but in the end, the bags are used for waste disposal or are otherwise thrown away and end up in a landfill.
This would not be so bad except that it's going to take somewhere around 500 years for one plastic bag to biodegrade.  The reason it takes that long is that microorganisms do not recognize the man-made polymers which make plastic as food and as a consequence do not eat plastic and speed the breakdown of the product.  Reusable bags manufactured from cotton wouldn't be discarded, however, if they're thrown away after a period of use, they'll have little difficulty breaking down.
Pretty much every chain of stores from Kroger's to Target to Publix offer reusable bags with their printed logo for consumers to purchase and utilize for shopping.  The outlets are advocating recycling because there is a substantial element of the population who're believe in preserving the planet and suppliers know that their shopping bags are contributing to the situation.  So these reusable shopping bags are their attempt at making a positive difference.
Reusable shopping bags could be used to buy anything offered for sale at the retail level.  Because retailers have become savvier about buyers using reusable bags, a lot of those same shops actually sell reusable shopping bags for the convenience of their clientele.  Target is one of those retailers which have promoted using reusable bags by selling them at their checkouts, first by giving them away and later by selling the bags.
The secret to storing fruits and veggies is in using green bags.  Using green bags cuts down the use of garbage bags because your fresh produce is actually eaten when it is fresh rather than discarded after it's gone bad.  Green bags insure that your produce releases harmful ethylene gases through the bags and that oxygen as well as other harmful gases are kept from the produce.  Green bags used with reduced moisture and light produce the perfect environment for storing produce in the refrigerator totally free of harmful bacteria and direct light shining through your storage bags.
Now, once you purchase groceries, you can bring them home in reusable bags that won't have to be discarded, that can be used repeatedly and washed when they get dirty and reused yet again.  You don't want be constantly increasing the pile of garbage in the landfill that takes 5 hundred years to biodegrade.  Instead, you'll be one of the main reasons that there is less rubbish circulating where you live.  Not only will you be reducing waste by not adding bags to the landfill, you will be reducing the actual level of decayed and rotted produce by preserving your food with green bags and eating fresher, better tasting food that has been stored the right way.

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