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The Benefits of Searching For Jobs In LinkedIn

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Searching For Jobs in LinkedIn

When I told Lisa I would take a closer look at searching for jobs in LinkedIn features I was expecting to find the same features I’d find on any other job search site, but I stand corrected. Turns out, there are benefits of searching for jobs in LinkedIn. I’d like to thank Lisa for letting stop by and chat with you about it.

Searching for Jobs In LinkedIn

About LinkedIn In A Nutshell

LinkedIn is a professional network with 225 million members and counting. Members can create a free professional profile and connect with associates and friends. And like all the other social networks you can catch up on the latest updates through its news feed.

Finding Jobs In LinkedIn

search jobs on LinkedIn

What you won’t see on other social networks is a job search feature. What I love about it is there are onsite and telecommuting jobs available. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits there are of searching for a job in LinkedIn’s job search page.

LinkedIn gives members the opportunity to discover new business and employment prospects and connect with folks like the founder of a company to talk about a joint venture or your own start-up company or a hiring manager to discuss a job opening.

Once you land an interview you know one of the questions you’ll likely be asked will be about company and what you know. As a LinkedIn member, you can find information about a company and be ready with a killer answer to impress the interviewer!

You can also use LinkedIn’s job search page to discover the skills that are required for certain industries or positions.

Searching For Jobs In LinkedIn

With a free LinkedIn membership you can do a basic job search by country, industry, and function. But if you want more out of a job search you might want to consider upgrading to a Premium membership.

When you upgrade to a Job Seeker Premium membership you are shown as a featured applicant, you can contact a recruiter through their Inmail system, and you can see a list of who has viewed your profile. This is an added benefit while searching for jobs in LinkedIn. 

Membership Thresholds


LinkedIn Premiums

There are four membership thresholds; Basic, Job Seeker Basic, Job Seeker Premium, and Job Seeker Plus. As you can see from the screenshot above, when you upgrade to a paid membership, it comes with added benefits while you are searching for jobs in LinkdedIn.

The Basic membership is free. You have can do your standard job searches and have limited access to knowing who has viewed your profile.

The other three packages have the same features which includes profile viewing, featured applicant, and premium badge to distinguish you as a premium member, salary data, and support. These will help you searching for jobs in LinkedIn.

The only difference is the InMail Messaging System that is only available in the Job Seeker Premium membership currently for $14.98 a month for up to 5 messages and the Job Seeker Plus membership for $49.95 a month for up to 10 messages. The Job Seeker Basic membership is $19.95 a month and does not include this feature.

Over To You

Now that you know what the benefits are to using LinkedIn’s job search feature and what you can get out of each membership, would you be willing to give it a try?  Let me know what you think by filling out the comments section below.

If you know someone who is searching for a job, share this post with them. They just might find this feature helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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