The Benefits of Linking Together Your Website, Blog and Social Media Accounts

Posted on the 27 February 2019 by Amit Kumar @solvoguru
One of the best ways to create brand awareness about your product is to go viral on social media. SEO is an essential part of every business online and it is safe to say that without good website management and regular activity on social media it's difficult for a business to get the kind of results they are seeking from their SEO solutions.In order for your website to do well, one of the most effective things that you can do is link your blog and social media accounts on the website. While some businesses believe that it's better to have an offsite blog that is different from the website altogether, research has proven that connecting your blog and social media accounts together prove to be more beneficial than having them as separate entities.In case you are wondering what benefits you get when you have blog promotion and social media account linked to your website then here’s what you should know.

Including Social Media Buttons

It seems like a trend that almost every business wants to post a blog with social media buttons at the bottom or at the side of the blog page. If you thought that this is a trend you may want to avoid then you may want to reconsider doing it.When someone likes a blog post that you have put up, they will in all possibility consider sharing that post. If as a social media button present day it increases the likelihood of them sharing the post a lot more in comparison to them having to copy the link and then go to the social media page to post it.The Benefits of Linking Together Your Website, Blog and Social Media AccountsIt is all about convenience today, and you do not want your visitors to leave your website without sharing the information they found valuable because of a missing social media button. Most businesses underestimate the power of social media which is why they and out losing out on a lot of potential customers. If you do not want to make this mistake, make sure that you have social media buttons present on all of your website and blog posts.

Readers Spend More Time On Blogs

Whenever you share something on your blog page that is valuable and informative you will have a lot of readers spending time on these blogs. When the blog is directly integrated into your website these readers are spending time on your website and this works well for your SEO. The longer someone spends on your website to more positive the results in terms of SEO and this enables your website to climb up the ranking. Not only does this work well to get your business the kind of exposure that you seek, but it helps in eventually establishing a strong brand that all business owners strive to achieve.

Use Analytic Tools

The number of analytic tools that are available that will help you get the most out of your social media account and your blog post. Tools such as Google Analytics will help you compare the progress across both the channels and will let you know how your posts are doing. You will be able to see the number of people that have viewed your blog and at what time they viewed it. You will even be able to see the outreach that the blog post had across social media channels. Not only do these analytic tools help you get a better picture of how your blog is performing, but it will also help you improve and set realistic goals. You will be able to prepare yourself for more visitors depending on the analysis and the kind of blogs that you post. This will keep you in control of your blog and ensure that you drive traffic to your website with the help of these tools.

Understand How Social Media Functions

There are a number of people that often confused with the social media icons on the blog post and are not able to understand how they work. People usually create a Facebook page or a Twitter page for their blogs and then direct people to like these pages. However, liking these pages does not necessarily mean that someone would go and read your blog post. Your main purpose of these pages should be to get people to click on your blog link and read your post. Until you get traffic to your blog, you will not be able to earn revenue from it. Just adding links to your social media pages on your blog post does not serve the purpose. You need to make sure that you are driving the right message across. Apart from making sure that people follow you on social media pages, you should also ensure that they are redirected to your blog.

Social Media Presence

While some bloggers usually overdo their social media presence by adding a share button on every webpage, you should make sure that you find the right balance between information and becoming a big name. There are various bloggers out there that are only focused on becoming a household name. They keep encouraging people to share their posts without really adding any value to people's lives. If you want to make sure that people remember you, you need to add value and give something to people that will help them. This could include posts about product reviews or health benefits or even help with their preparation for exams. Anything that can add value to your reader’s life should be the priority for your post.
No matter what your purpose of sharing your articles on social media is, you need to make sure that you link everything to your social media channels. Being present on the internet is extremely important in today's competitive world. Without a presence on the most visited channels will definitely hamper your business growth and eventually put you out business. This is something that can be avoided with the help of social media marketing.

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