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The Being Famous for Being Well Known Or the Daughter Or Son of Or Sister Or Brother of Famous Others Syndrome

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog
Famous for Being Well Known

Famous for Being Well Known

My Rare and short Rant…

What ever happened to the work at it, naturally talented, studied at to become recognised for what you  love, famous? When will this being famous for being well know or being the daughter, son, sister or brother of one of those individuals who actually made it based on the merits of the above attributes end? I am fucking sick of “it girls”, would be actresses, photographers, reality show celebrities et al being thrown into the limelight by those artistically talentless yet shrewd marketers who are in a position to make it happen for the banal, pedestrian and often quite mundane, lacklustre and talentless individuals who happened to be related to one of the above individuals meriting success.


We are in a creative Dark Age a black hole of meaningless, never to be ever remembered epochs. Well maybe, as this last decade being known as one of the “least inspiring epochs of this era” famous.

I do believe that the whole reality show phenomena kicked off this phase of banal uselessness and branched out into ever sector of what used to be considered the arts and poisoned everything from music to literature to art and media as a whole.

So, one might ask, if concerned, “when will it evolve into something better or just go away?” Well, I do believe we are starting to see an inkling of a backlash. A very tiny hint of light at the end of this very dark and overly populated forest of misery. Reality shows are being cancelled and being overshadowed by more meaningful programming that truly highlights the talent looming in the shadows. But until that day comes full throttle, we will have to deal with the likes of the Kardashians and all of the other ilk that I find so distasteful to my sense of what really should constitute the merit and acknowledgment of talent.

Until then, I like many others will have to be underwhelmed and uninspired with the overwhelming wave of banal, pedestrian uselessness of the here and now of our “Me, me, me, me, selfie, selfie, selfie culture.

Addendum: The Selfie

Also, to add to the mix, we have the Selfie. We all know what that is and I will delve further into this diatribe later on, as the subject of the selfie will need more time and space than I have the time for today. I am busy in preproduction for a few up and coming shoots and actually working at my craft.

Me, Me, Selfie

Me, Me, Selfie

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