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The Bar of the Maison De l'Amerique Latine: "Gastronomic Police Officer - I Have an Excuse"

By Johntalbott

March 14 001

3.0 The Bar of the Maison de l'Amerique Latine, 217 Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 7th, closed weekends,, (Metro: Solferino).  Okay Okay I have a good excuse for eating here today.  First-off, when I ate at the regular restaurant last week, the dishes for it and the bar came out of the same kitchen - and its food was terrific - and the bar menu looked neat.  Second, my friend said he was "broke".  And third, I'm up for adventure.

March 14 002

March 14 003

March 14 004

March 14 005

I went with the most standard sounding "menu", samosas of chicken and spicy sauce, salad and tomatoes - in MARCH I scream, for Pete's sake! tomatoes in March - and they tasted just like March tomatoes; lamb (which to their credit was indeed lamb not mutton) that was tough and inedible and supposedly made in a tajine, with tired, really tired, couscous and no harissa; and diced pineapple in its syrup and a sliced strawberry - in MARCH I scream, for Pete's sake! strawberries in March, OK.  My friend, right now between jobs, had the Argentinian entrecote, really good, with pathetic pale fries.

Our bill was weird - we got charged 2 Membership fees, just like in a Rocky Mountain whore-house, (how do I know?  because I read a lot of trash), 2 E each for 2 bottled waters despite my asking for a carafe (isn't that illegal?), 4 E for a glass of white wine and 4 E for 50 cl of red (huh? who sets the prices here?) and nothing for a coffee.  Total = 55.50 E for 2.

Go again?  I'll go back to the main resto, but never here again.  Too weird.


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