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The Banksters, Enemies of Democracy, Friends of Fascism

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Calvinthedog
Banksters complain about excessive democracy in Europe.

Banksters complain about excessive democracy in Europe.

The rich and the corporations and especially the banksters have always hated democracy. Democracy of course mean popular rule or rule by the people. The banksters, the rich and the corporations believe that society should be ruled by an aristocracy. In fact, all conservatives believe in aristocratic rule and not democratic rule.

The banksters such as JP Morgan are the best friends of both political parties in the US. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are very much pro-bankster. Banksters provide much of the campaign funding for both parties for the preposterous money-based elections in our fake democracy. America is a fake democracy, not a real democracy, in part because its elections are money-based. Whoever has the most money wins the elections.

Politicians work only for those who give them lots of money and do nothing for those of us who do not give them any money. So politicians only serve the wealthy interests that fund their elections and they flip off everyone else. That’s not a democracy. Real democracy is never possible in the face of money-based elections.

Although both parties are deeply in bed with the banksters, the Republicans are worse. At least the Democrats tried to put Elizabeth Warren in as a watchdog for the banksters. She tried to push through many new rules that would have regulated the banksters and their asinine casinos in the sky that create nothing so that they don’t blow up the economy of the whole world like they did a few years ago.

The Republican Party has ferociously opposed any efforts to reasonably regulate the banksters to prevent horrific crashes like that of 2008. They do this because this is what the banksters want. The banksters want, nay demand, the right to blow up the economy of the whole damn world anytime they feel like it. And the Republican Party wants to give them that very God-given right to go ahead and do it all over again.


The takeaway point from the graphic though is, “Banksters hate democracy!”

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