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The Average Couple Argues 24 Times a Year Because of Sleep – One in Three Men Hates Cuddles

Posted on the 28 September 2016 by 72point @72hub
The average couple argues 24 times a year because of sleep – one in three men hates cuddles

The average American couple has 24 fights a year due to disrupted sleep, according to a new survey.

A study into the sleep habits of 2,000 Americans found the average person suffers a worrying 182 disturbed sleep nights per year - with partner's snoring, hogging the covers and too much tossing and turning as the biggest killers of a restful sleep.

From taking medication to sleeping in separate rooms, the research unveiled our most common bad bed habits and found as many as one in seven has even considered ending a relationship with someone because they struggled to sleep next to them.

The revealing survey also found one in five men actually hate 'snuggling' and often have to wait for their partner to fall asleep before slyly moving away.

And a third of cheeky men in relationships say they pretend to like cuddling in bed because they're too afraid to tell their partner the truth.

The research by Yogabed found other sleeping habits that drive a wedge between partners included breathing on the other person's neck, bad breath and being scraped accidentally by the other's toenails.

That's why more than half of people in relationships admitted to regular grumbles because of sleeping next to their partner.

A Yogabed spokeswoman Diane Silver said: "Sharing your life with someone means disagreements are bound to happen, but if you're tired and cranky it's going to be that much harder to resolve them. Getting enough sleep just has to be a priority. So, if the person you love is disrupting the hours you need, it's not surprising that many people simply have to get creative with their solutions."

One in five Americans has taken sleeping medication just to get by sleeping next to a partner, while a quarter has slept on the couch when a partner's sleeping habits became too much.

And apparently people officially get better sleep alone- 40 percent of people in relationships said this was the case versus the 30 percent who get better sleep while their partner is there.

Which is perhaps why a third of those in relationships who live together occasionally sleep in separate beds.

Results showed the average couple typically goes to bed not talking to each other or with arguments unresolved at least six times a year.

Nearly a quarter have had to have words with a partner because they got crumbs in the bed or made a mess with food.

A third of couples have had grumbles over the mattress they use with one preferring a soft mattress while the other likes things firmer.

"Like anything else in relationships, sharing a bed is about making things work through compromise," says Yogabed spokesperson Diane Silver. "Whether that means buying a larger mattress, outfitting the guest room with a comfortable mattress, or just clipping your toenails more regularly, there is plenty you can do to help ensure a great night's sleep. "



Hogging the covers

Constant tossing and turning

Passing gas

Talking while you're trying to fall asleep

Sleep talking

Accidently hit/smacked you

Prefers a warm room/different temperature

They want to cuddle when you don't

They roll over to your side of the bed (leaving the other side empty)

Bad breath

Scratch you with their toenails

Too much cuddling

Wake you up to go check a suspicious sound

They breathe on your neck

Their hair gets in your face

They sleep with pets on the bed

They drool

They sleepwalk

They don't allow pets to sleep on the bed

The average couple argues 24 times a year because of sleep – one in three men hates cuddles

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