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The Average Christmas Menu – Sprouts and Peas In, Cranberry Sauce and Broccoli out

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by 72point @72hub

The British Christmas menu has been decided, with the average family tucking into prawn cocktail, turkey breast and Christmas pudding on the big day, a survey and infographic has revealed. Although most of the traditions have remained over the years, cranberry sauce and bread sauce are now off the menu – along with broccoli, cauliflower cheese and mashed potatoes, according to a poll of 1,000 Brits.

The research, conducted by British Turkey, also found that the staple combination of stuffing and pigs in blankets makes the Christmas plate, alongside the classic Yorkshire Pudding.

Surprisingly, broccoli didn’t make the cut, only making an appearance on just under half of Christmas dinners, with cranberry sauce (49%) and bread sauce (23%) both narrowly missing out also.

The British classic prawn cocktail was voted the favorite starter, sitting in front of 31% of Brits this Christmas – a quarter will instead go for smoked salmon, while a further one in four will tuck into a bowl of soup.

Dessert was the ever-reliable Christmas pudding, with half making sure to indulge after their meal. Chocolate log (23%) and trifle (23%) were popular alternatives.

In terms of tipples, white wine topped the table for one in three – red wine was the choice for 30%, with only one in five opting for champagne – the same number that now go for a soft drink.

The average table will also see an average of 6 guests, sitting down at just before 3pm this year – with dad carving, and mom having done the cooking.



Prawn Cocktail starter – 31%


Turkey breast (61%)

Roast Potatoes – 85%
Stuffing – 82%
Carrots – 81%
Pigs in Blankets – 70%
Sprouts – 67%
Turkey Gravy – 62%
Parsnips – 60%
Yorkshire Puddings – 59%
Peas – 50%


Christmas Pudding – 50%


White wine – 39%

average christmas dinner (turkey council)

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