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The Astrology of the Coming Year Part 2 – February 2012

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


After the reasonably positive start to the year, February picks up the pace with Venus playing a leading role and Neptune finally switching signs too. Read on to discover what may happen in February 2012.


1st Feb   Venus opposite Mars
4th Feb   Neptune enters Pisces until 2024
7th Feb   Full Moon at 18:31 Leo
8th Feb   Saturn goes Retrograde 29:30 Libra
8th Feb   Venus enters Aries
10th Feb   Venus conjunct Uranus
15th Feb   Venus square Pluto
20th Feb   Mars quindecile Uranus - 2nd Hit (First Hit 17/12/11)
21st Feb   New Moon at 2:36 Pisces – part of stressful pointer including Mars & Uranus. Mars quindecile New Moon / Sat trine New Moon
27th Feb   Mars quindecile Neptune – 2nd Hit (First Hit 10/12/11)

TransitChart Feb 12

The big news in February is that Neptune finally enters Pisces for a long stay in the sign of the Fish. The last time Neptune was here (1847-61) oil was discovered, the first photographs were made, there was a rise in spirituality, impressionist painters like Van Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin and Monet were at the peak of their powers and revolution spread through Europe, just like is happening in the Middle East this time around. On a personal note, I am hoping that with Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, astrology will at last come to the party and be taken far more seriously again. I would expect medical advances to be made and creativity of all sorts will flourish. Saturn moves into retrograde motion again in February, so this will be time to take stock and refine those ideas and plans you would have started in January. Venus is active this month as it opposes Mars early on – watch out for conflicts and disagreements in relationships. This opposition hits Barack Obama’s natal Mars in his 7th house and across his 1st/7th axis so he is likely to be in a feisty and unpredictable mood with other people including his wife!! Obama’s colleague Hilary Clinton the Secretary of State, has the same opposition affect her natal Moon in 4th affecting her 4th/10th axis house so while at home all may be sweetness and light, at work emotional clashes with her boss could ensue, especially as transiting Mars squares her natal Uranus. Venus then moves into Aries and almost immediately connects with Uranus and Pluto. Normally you would expect passion to fly as Venus is affected by the sheer energy of Aries, but the effect of Uranus brings shocks and unpredictability and Pluto brings passion, control and change. This all just so aptly happens around Valentine’s day.

On 21st February, we have a very potent new Moon. It is part of a very stressful pointer with the New Moon semi-sextile to Uranus and both almost exactly quindecile to Mars. Mars quindecile Uranus is potentially destructive and very accident prone, and I would not be surprised to see some sort of disaster catching the headlines. The first hit on 17th Dec saw a devastating tropical storm hitting the Philippines, expect another event of the same type. Mars also goes on to make a second quindecile contact to Neptune on 27th February. The first meeting of these two planets on 10th December saw the start of protests in Russia in Moscow after the “rigged” elections. there is likely to be a reaction or continuation of this situation now. Neptune quindecile Mars clouds the issues and rules collective or society (Neptune) action (Mars). Possibly this time there will be a backlash by the authorities? Mars will be squaring the Russian Mars and Neptune will be exactly opposing the Russian Moon representing the people (using the 25/12/91 @ 17.19 Russian chart). I think some of disruption again in Moscow is not out of the question as transiting Uranus moving through the Russian 10th house of the people in power will be almost square to the Russian natal Sun in the 6th house of the workers. If, so then rebellion, freedom and transparency of rule will be called for by the ordinary man in the street to the people in power. Whether it will make any difference is another point entirely, as transiting Pluto will be approaching a connection with the Russian North Node in that same 6th house, possibly tightening the grip of those in power over those who have little say, and bringing underground, secret controls affecting a population who knew them two decades before.

Full Moon bring a sense of completion to a situation or bring some sort of finality. Those who may be affected by the full Moon are anyone who was born late 1951 or into 1952 as the full Moon will connect with their natal Pluto. Look to where Pluto is in your chart if you are in this age range and expect transformation and change in this area of your life. In my database there are several people who may be affected by this. Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber who has been fighting cancer may find this Full Moon difficult to get through as the hit on Pluto affects many areas of his chart as well. Pierce, Brosnan, the former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, actor Geoff Bridges, football manager Arsene Wenger and disgraced Peer Lord Conrad Black may all see changes in their lives as their natal Pluto receives this full Moon. Katie Price aka Jordan has the full Moon connecting with her 7th house Mars. Will she finally sever her connection with Peter Andre for the sake of their son Harvey, with whom she met up with just before Xmas 2011. He is unaffected by the full Moon but he does have transiting Uranus and Venus opposite natal Pluto and more than likely square his natal Moon around that time which is difficult for relationships. Lindsay Lohan has the full Moon oppose her Midheaven, conjunct her Venus and square her natal Taurean Moon, so for sure she will be in the news on the relationship front too.

All New Moons urge you to go ahead and start new things and awaken ideas and plans that you have had in the pipeline. The New Moon on the 23rd should bring good fortune to actress Demi Moore and presenter Jay Leno as they both receive a lovely hit on their natal Jupiter. Kelsey Grammar has the full Moon connect with his natal Sun, so new work or opportunities may come his way and the new Moon hits South Africa’s chart for the second month in a row, this time conjunct to the natal Moon, affecting in the process the people. I just wonder. The South Node is approaching a connection with the South African Sun and Midheaven in mid February and at the same time the transiting North Node will be exactly quindecile to Pluto in the South African 10th house. Might a figure of great importance in South Africa pass away? The preceding Full Moon on 7th February is close to a square to Nelson Mandela’s natal Moon (making a quindecile to the South African natal Moon too) and is just 3 degrees away from a conjunction to his natal Saturn. One last thing to consider. The solar eclipse of 25th November has it’s natal Saturn just 0.03 degrees away from an exact square to Nelson Mandela’s natal Sun, and the eclipse degree itself was 0.05 degrees away from a square to the natal Moon, once again highlighted through this new Moon on 23rd February. One to keep your eyes on.

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