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The Astrology of the Coming Year Part 1 – January 2012

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


What a year 2011 was!! A year of revolution, natural disasters, scandal, we endured a financial crisis and we lost a plethora of amazing people, including Vaclav Havel, Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor, Joe Frasier, Steve Jobs, Colonel Gaddafi, Osama Bin Laden and Jane Russell amongst the most notable. In an astrological sense, as Uranus was about to enter Aries accompanied by a Jupiter Saturn opposition, the Arab spring came with it followed by the Japan Tsunami. We came close an exact square between Uranus and Pluto as part of a Cardinal Cross eclipse in the summer of 2011 and look at the havoc it caused with riots in the UK, financial blockages in the US and the Norwegian Terror attack. As the square tightened again in the Autumn, the protest season began across the world with Occupy Wall Street and similar stands being taken against those in business and in Government who the protesters saw to be at fault. Finally as the year ended as Saturn closed into a near opposition to Jupiter for the last time in this cycle, North Korea was plunged into crisis as Kim Jong Il passed away leaving the country in the hands of his young inexperienced son Kim Jong Un, and there were even protests across Russia, as Vladimir Putin’s party were seen as having rigged elections.

So what will 2012 hold for us?? A thankless task awaits the Astrologer as there are so many permeations to look at, however I will try my best. In this astrological look towards 2012, I will look at the main themes, and focus in on who may be affected, starting off quite naturally with Capricorn’s month, January.


9th Jan   Full Moon at 18:25 Cancer
13th Jan   Venus conjunct Neptune
14th Jan   Venus enters Pisces
23rd Jan   New Moon at 2:41 Aquarius – Square to Saturn/Jupiter opposition
25th Jan   Mars goes Retrograde in Virgo

TransitChart Jan 12

Through the first couple of weeks in January, the only aspects in operation from the outer planets are ones that were already in force from December. We have an almost exact Jupiter Saturn opposition early on. From Christmas day 2011 Jupiter was the last of the planets to turn direct from retrograde motion. It is very rare indeed to have all the planets moving direct, so the world can make some real progress at last. This will be an ideal time to build up plans and to move forward with ideas – this is after all the natural inclination of the ambitious Capricorn Sun. Cautious expansion should be the watchword now, echoed by the slow but steady nature of Jupiter moving finally forward in Taurus. Hopefully leaders around the world will grab that chance. On a personal sense, if you have any things or ideas you want to start, then between Xmas 2011 and the 24th Jan is the time to do it. On 24th Mars moves retrograde in Virgo and will stay there in the sign of the Virgin until early August. Mars here is in a service orientated mood, and it is interesting that the workers in industries like health and public services (all Virgo ruled) who have been ultra critical and have taking up arms in protest since Mars moved into Virgo in early November 2011. This time is also important for any one of the mid 60’s generation who have both Uranus and Pluto in conjunction in their natal chart. Mars will be urging them to act, and to try to force change and transformation and in the process cleaning up any deadwood that remains in their lives. One last note here. Mars in medical Virgo is a great time to improve your physical shape, and get any potential ailments checked out. Time then during the next 6 months to go on a fitness regime. 

In Syria, which has been in the news recently, transiting Mars hits the Syrian Sun and North Node (and opposes Assad’s Moon) before stationing before turning retrograde and passing over once again at the end of the month. It is sure to be a bloody January and with Mars’ sign Aries on the Midheaven, one cannot be sure if the leaders forces will be used to crush the rebellion (Uranus is sitting in conjunction to that Midheaven) or whether the protesters will force the issue on President Assad himself. All indications are saying to me that with Uranus entering the 10th house but still hanging around the Midheaven through Springtime, the uncertainty of who is actually in charge will continue for some time to come. 

The new year is of course election year in America and the first one is the Iowa Caucus on 3rd January. This first test often brings clues to who may do well in future months in the race to represent the Republican Party in the November Presidential election. On looking at the 6 main candidates, Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Bachmann, Santorum and Perry, I think Ron Paul will have a good day on 3rd January. He is receiving a quindecile between transiting Jupiter and his natal Jupiter and for a short while luck is with him. Gingrich will hold his own as his natal Jupiter receives squares from both transiting Saturn and Jupiter but his progress may be stalled a bit as transiting Mars is square his natal Saturn. Romney has a fortunate transiting Uranus trine to both Jupiter and Saturn which is progressive. Transiting Jupiter squares his Saturn, so cautious slow but steady progress. He will be in bullish mood with transiting Mars opposite his Sun and quindecile his natal Mars. Santorum has been near the bottom of the pile popularity wise for much of the campaign so far, but he might just get a brief boost around the time of the Iowa caucus as transiting Saturn will be in close contact to Rick’s North Node. Traditionally, one gets a bit of a reward around this time.  Michele Bachmann has Mercury trine to Jupiter and Pluto so she will talk a good game, and with transiting Jupiter opposite Neptune and square to Uranus, this may just keep her afloat despite a rather depressing transiting Saturn which sits on her Neptune. Finally, Rick Perry. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. He has the transiting Nodes square to his Saturn/Moon opposition to his Sun. A turning point in his fortunes. Transiting Pluto is square to his Nodal axis  as well as to Mars connected with his South Node which does suggest a transformation or change and transiting Uranus is quindecile to both his natal Saturn and Neptune and square to his natal Uranus. Transiting Venus which rules his chart is trine to Neptune and opposite to natal Pluto, again highlighting me sort of change and bringing him a rather confused and false sense of optimism. That confusion is compounded by transiting Neptune trine to Uranus which rules his Midheaven. It suggests his ambitions dissolving before his eyes and his hopes of becoming President in 2012 receding fast.

The month’s full Moon is in Cancer. We have gentle energy mid-month with a Venus Pisces conjunction preceding Venus entering Pisces, leading the way for Neptune in the next month. The focus here is based upon relating with, and serving other people as well as making the most of your creative talents. On 23rd Jan, with the Aquarian new Moon, might this encourage some people around the world to take up the struggle of trying to gain independence (Aquarius) and liberty (Jupiter) at the expense of those in rulership (Saturn)?

Full Moon bring a sense of completion to a situation or bring some sort of finality. Those who may be affected by the full Moon are Rupert Murdoch who has it hit on his natal Pluto in his 7th house of relationships and open enemies and Clint Eastwood who also has a direct hit on his natal Pluto in his 8th house, activating a rather nasty Saturn Uranus Pluto T-square. That doesn’t sound too pleasant. South Africa also has a close hit of the full Moon too, impacting it’s Mars/Neptune conjunction which opposes Uranus. Watch out for some sparks to fly there. Jessica Simpson has the Full Moon connect her Sun/Mercury conjunction in her 12th house and the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a hit on his natal Uranus, the same connection as will be felt by General David Patraeus who’s Uranus/Mars Saturn t-square will be shaken.

All New Moons urge you to go ahead and start new things and awaken ideas and plans that you have had in the pipeline.The New Moon on the 23rd is a strong one being at the point of a Jupiter/Saturn t-square. Those who may be starting new projects or looking to further their ambition include interestingly the England soccer coach Fabio Capello, who has a hit on his natal Moon opposing his Venus/Pluto conjunction. Straining and changing relationships perhaps? Gary Oldman and Michelle Obama both have hits on their Mars, so this should be invigorating for them both. Graham Gooch the former test cricketer has a hit on his North Node, so fortune and possibly surprise developments for him I suspect, and Thailand’s Saturn is hit in the 12th house. Will new regulations be introduced in that country by the back door?

The rest of the year

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