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The Art of Seasonal Wardrobe Auditing: Embrace the Change

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

As the seasons transition, so should your wardrobe. Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere preparing for the cozy embrace of autumn or in the southern hemisphere, like Australia, eagerly stepping into the vibrant world of spring and summer, auditing your wardrobe is a ritual that can revitalize your style and declutter your life. We’ll explore the importance of auditing your wardrobe when the seasons change and provide you with some valuable insights on how to do it effectively.


1. The Space Equation

Space is a precious commodity in any wardrobe, especially if you have limited room. Every piece of clothing should earn its place. Before you decide what to put away and what to bring out, take a critical look at each garment. Is it still in good condition, or has it seen better days? A torn, stained, or worn-out item might need to find a new home.

Here’s a helpful test: Imagine you stumbled upon this garment in a thrift store. Would you buy it in its current condition?  If the answer is no, it’s time to let it go.

If you came across it in a store, would you buy it again?  If it’s something you’re just not wearing and wouldn’t part with your precious money on again, then that’s a great sign that it no longer should be taking up precious space in your wardrobe.

Remember – space is precious too!

2. Your Style Recipe

Your style should evolve with you. Consider what colors, styles, and fits work best for your current body, colouring and lifestyle.  There is no point in keeping items that are no longer flattering, don’t work with your colouring or aren’t relevant for your lifestyle.  Take note of the pieces you frequently reach for. Those are the keepers. Conversely, if you consistently bypass certain items, it’s a sign that they may not align with your style anymore.  

How long has it been since you last revisited or updated your style recipe?  A change of season is a great time to do this to make sure it’s focussing you on what you want now and where you want to go with your style now rather than having it hold you back in the past. Check out my tips on revisiting your style recipe here.

When changing your wardrobe up for the new season - keep out clothes that are easy to layer to work for Spring and Autumn where the weather is less predictableWhen changing your wardrobe up for the new season - keep out clothes that are easy to layer to work for Spring and Autumn where the weather is less predictable3. Future Compatibility

Ask yourself if you can envision wearing a particular item in the future. Sometimes, beloved garments lose their appeal or no longer fit our evolving style. This realization often occurs when we unearth clothing from previous seasons. If you can’t imagine wanting to wear it again, it might be time to bid farewell. You want to think about having a future-focused wardrobe so that you have the clothes you need for the things you do now and the opportunities that might arise.

4. The Weight of Possibility

Holding onto clothing for “someday” can lead to a cluttered wardrobe and unnecessary stress. If you find yourself burdened by possessions you never use, consider whether the stress of having them outweighs the stress of letting them go. Possessions are replaceable, and sometimes, less is more.

5. The “Use By” Date

Implement a use-by-date system for items you’re unsure about. Store them away, put a date on the box or bag, and if you haven’t sought them out within a predetermined time frame, it’s a sign that you can part with them without regrets. Remember, seeing items again can rekindle attachment, so be firm with your deadlines and don’t be tempted to go through this box or bag again.  Just let them go!  Remember it’s worth thinking about your clothes like food, and your wardrobe as a kitchen, check out my post on that topic here.

6. Addressing Conditioning

Our relationship with possessions is often influenced by our upbringing. Some of us were raised with a mindset of holding onto everything, while others were taught to let go. Reflect on your own conditioning and decide if it serves your current needs.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of sentimental items – I’ve got tips here on how to do that. 

What’s important is that you want to align your wardrobe with the person you are today, let go of old conditioning if it’s holding you back.  Discover what you’re most likely to be holding onto the longest, even if you’re not wearing it here.

7. Trans Seasonal Dressing

It can be hard to decide what to bring in and what not to when you have a long trans-seasonal time, where one day it’s lovely and warm and the next day it’s cold.  This is where having layers will get you through, you may be able to put away your big bulky items, but make sure you have enough items you can layer so that if the weather is more unpredictable you still have stylish options.

In conclusion, the changing of seasons is the perfect opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and declutter your life. By conducting a thorough audit, you can create a space filled with items that truly reflect your style, needs, and aspirations. Don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer serve you; they might bring joy to someone else. Embrace the change, and you’ll find yourself not only with a more organized wardrobe but also a clearer mind and a sense of ease as you navigate the seasons ahead. 

The Art of Seasonal Wardrobe Auditing: Embrace the ChangeThe Art of Seasonal Wardrobe Auditing: Embrace the Change

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Seasonal Wardrobe Auditing: Embrace ChangeThe Art of Seasonal Wardrobe Auditing: Embrace the Change

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