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The Art of Puppy Training: What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Contrary to the popular belief that effective dog obedience training can only be achieved with a professional, dog or puppy training can be challenging but feasible without the help of a pro. Dog training doesn’t have to be all at once, rather a day-to-day course to ensure a positive outcome.

A new puppy owner? Feeling overwhelemed with your new role as a dog “master?” Here’s a guide on how to survive the night with your new pup.

We’ll break it to you as gently as we can. If you have a new puppy, you’re not going to get a solid 8 hours sleep for a while. If you accept that fact, it’ll be easier to do the necessary training to teach your puppy to sleep through the night.

Most puppies aren’t able to sleep through the night when they first come home to their new owners, but almost all puppies sleep through the night by the time they’re 16 weeks old. With proper training and scheduling, you should be able to teach Fido to do it even earlier. [source]

The art of training a puppy requires dedication, time and patience. Building confidence between you and your pup is also vital to achieve success.

Begin your training with an attitude toward building your puppy’s confidence — both in her ability to do well, and in her ability to trust you. Of course your puppy must be obedient, otherwise a simple trip to the dog park will turn into a nightmare, but obedience begins with an honest desire to please. A dog that is confident and without fear is happy and eager to obey her trusted master. [source]

Another important trait to have when dog or puppy training is consistency.

consistency during dog training

[image source]

Make the training a family affair so if for some reason you can’t attend to your dog’s needs, someone he can trust can take over for a while; hence, avoiding disrupting his routines.

Make your dog or puppy training fun for you and your pup. Bond with your pet during this time and try to be the best pack leader for your pet as much as you can.

For more tips about puppy training, here’s the ten commandments of dog housebreaking.

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