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The Art and Music of Royal Street New Orleans

By Billlives

There is lots of art and music on Royal Street.  In addition to the art galleries there are artists showing their work on Pirate’s Alley and the section of Royal Street behind St. Louis Cathedral. In this video you first see the excellent trad jazz band that plays most days on the corner of Royal and St. Peters. Then we move up to the artists near the cathedral. There is some of my work, Bill Ives, and that of Jim Bilgere.  Next, we see a Mardi Gras parade by the children in a local school that features several brass bands, including Rebirth. There are also Mardi Gras Indians. Next, are the Irish celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early, stopping at several bars including Pat O’Brien’s. Then a brief look at the piano bar inside Pat O’Brien’s. Finally, we see three second lines connected to weddings. All of them have brass bands. The Pinettes, an all female band, is in one. These are just some typical street scenes on Royal Street. Come on down and join us. 

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