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The Approaching Gemini New Moon and Mutable Grand Cross of 5th June 2016

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The approaching Gemini New Moon and Mutable Grand Cross of 5th June 2016

Hi everyone. Very interesting week (31st May - 5th June) this week astrologically. Today (Tuesday) Mercury makes a trine to Pluto (it is also trine to Jupiter too making a grand earth trine) so we all have a chance to boil down and get the real details of any situation or thing that we are interested in. If you want to find out the truth, ask your questions today and the information should flow.

The approaching Gemini New Moon and Mutable Grand Cross of 5th June 2016

The really interesting stuff starts in a couple of days time when the Sun, Venus and latterly the Moon enter the Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune t-square still very operational turning it into a grand cross in the mutable signs. There is so much going on within this structure with 6 of the 10 planets we as Astrologers look at all connected together and we also have a New Moon into the bargain as well. The New Moon is at 14 Gemini on 5th June and on that day Venus will be at 14 Gemini as well, Jupiter at 14 Virgo, Saturn at 12 Sagittarius and Neptune at 12 Pisces. Look at where the mutable signs are on your natal chart and look at the houses being affected and there your life will be impacted in some way.

How are you likely to be affected? Mutable signs by their very nature are ones where the energy is constantly shifting and going with the flow, so you can never pin yourself down to any plan, strategy, or course of action. Mutable signs spread the risk, it's like walking on shifting sands and unless you are used to that way of doing things you may feel particularly uneasy, disorientated, irritated or frustrated that you can't get a firm answer this week or you may try to achieve too much in juggling lots of interests at the same time. This could be a particular feature of this mutable cross, as Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, the least disciplined of the planets are all involved.

I think you will find it difficult to anchor yourself this week and the only stable influence here will be the placement of Saturn in your Virgo house. Here is where you will be held to account and here is also the influence that you will have to rely on to as to not go spinning out of control. I always see these crosses like a Catherine wheel firework. When they are in balance there is natural tension within the cross and it aids the cross to spin around us quite nicely. This cross sees no planets in detriment or fall signs where they don't work so well, but Neptune is in Pisces which it rules, so the Neptunian influence is stronger than the rest of the others. Neptune is working very well here so expect the Pisces corner of the structure to tend to win out over the other sides. The end of this week is likely then to see more chaos, uncertainty, collective effort, and fluidity to situations where we feel at a loss in controlling the direction of things. The shifting sands may turn into a torrent or flood of uncertainty.

My advice to you all, especially if you are the kind of person who needs to know how they operate is to try as much as you can to plan ahead, to set as much as you can in stone early this week and to expect plans and situations to change when the conflicting emotion of the Gemini New Moon and the mutable energy of the grand cross hits home. That way you have something firm to hold on to, when the flood comes rushing through.

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