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The Annecy Shooting – Do the Stars Hold the Clues to What Actually Happened?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The horrible shooting of the Iraqi-British al-Hilli family in France on Wednesday has captured the headlines in the UK and working out the astrology on this event has lead me to look at different star connections for different countries at the same time. This was an event which happened in France but which have been felt most acutely in the UK. Amazingly the fixed star connections for this incident shows up in a different way in both countries, yet it still paints the picture very accurately.

Transits 40912

The background to this case comes from a Yod crated by Mars Mercury and Uranus which formed over the 3rd 4th and 5th September also connecting the the Sun and Pluto in a violent looking formation, one which as I say I pointed out on my Facebook page. If you haven’t discovered it yet go and have a look as you will find different astrological articles featured. On the 2nd Sept 12 on Solaris Astrology for Facebook I wrote this –

"I never like predicting sad events, but I think there is a distinct possibility that some vile act somewhere in the world leading to suffering and possibly mourning will be making the news in the next couple of days"

As we now know, on the 5th there was an awful murder committed where three members of a British family on holiday in Annecy, France were shot in cold blood in their car. As well these three victims, a French cyclist who appears to have been an innocent witness to the event was also gunned down. One of their daughters survived by hiding underneath her dead mother and  the other one is now fighting for their life in an induced coma in hospital.

So we have the basis energy for the incident shown by the planets, but if one looks at the fixed star parans which are location sensitive, we can put some extra detail onto the picture.

Moving to the fixed stars for 5th September for Annecy in France which is at almost 46 degrees North, the closest fixed star/planetary connection active for that day was the star Aculeus rising as Mars was culminating. Aculeus sits in the sting in the constellation of Scorpio and is associated with attacks. Bernadette Brady says that Aculeus attacks are not ones that generally do harm but ones where an individual can use to strengthen one’s position in the face of criticism, but it seems not the case this time with Mars being in vengeful Scorpio. The rising star for the day was Antares, the royal star in the heart of the Scorpion. When this star rises, there is an obsessive and passionate energy around, energy which is ruthless and very driven. It sounds like the gunman was exactly that carrying out the “hit” with execution type efficiency.

Antares Jupiter

There are always a lot of potential planet star connections functioning for any one day but one of the more interesting ones was this one - Jupiter setting (right) as Antares the heart of the Scorpion was rising (left). Remember Antares was the helical rising star for the day to so this one would have taken a lot of precedence. Jupiter when associated with Antares in a birth chart indicates an "an engineer or a person who can envisage structure". Mr Al-Hilli was an engineer by trade!! In a mundane  sense, Brady says that this paran connection represents "an extremist holding power". I have found that Jupiter is associated with death. I have seen many charts of people passing away where Jupiter is making a very significant aspect. Of course we know that the constellation of Scorpio and it’s ruling planet Pluto are also connected with death and violence. Just combining in the yod in the skies connecting Mars to Uranus and to Pluto and we did have a lethal cocktail.

Sun Alphard

Now to the British angle. The rising star for London at 51 degrees North was Alphard, the heart of the Serpent in the constellation of Hydra. When Alphard rises, Brady says that it brings emotional upheavals, distress or criminal activity. Not only this but the Sun was also rising with Alphard for London, so the issues of violence, anger and ruthlessness would rule the mood of the nation and for three days, this story has been the top one on UK TV news. The Sun was also setting as star El Nath, the tip of the horn in Taurus the Bull was setting bringing issues of attacks and aggression front and center. There were two other significant connection associated with Mars for this day. Mars was on the nadir as fixed star Capulus was culminating. Capulus is a violent star in the sword of Perseus, the warrior which often sees decisive male aggression at it’s height. Brady says it shows “a macabre act”. Mars was also in a paran relationship with El Nath too, so yet another link to aggression and weapons.

Sometimes the stars do show something that maybe other avenues can’t see. There is one more paran connection that was in effect for the London area at the same time. As Antares was the rising star, Sadalmelek was the setting star, the star in Aquarius which sits in the urn of Aquarius the water bearer. This is a lucky star, bringing luck of one’s own making. Brady says that when it is setting that it is a time when “good planning or networking can be of use”. Maybe I am being a little too creative now, but do the stars say that the violence highlighted for the London area which have captured the headlines, was linked with some sort of very organised plan through a network of contacts, in short a professional hit which got lucky and succeeded?

My condolences to the surviving relatives and their friends...

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