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The American Dream: What Nobody Tells You About Moving To The West Coast

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
The American Dream: What Nobody Tells You About Moving To The West Coast

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The ‘American Dream’ isn’t only for non-US citizens. Whether you live in the North, East, or South, the idea of moving out west seems very appealing. There is incredible nature mixed with year-round sunshine. Plus, Vegas nightlife is perfect for anyone who needs to let off steam!

Of course, the west coast is good, but it isn’t flawless. Before moving out here, it’s essential to understand the things that no one mentions to improve your lifestyle. Once you do that, the west will be the paradise you’ve heard about from others.

Here’s what nobody tells you about moving to the west:

It Won’t Solve All Your Problems

In many ways, moving to the west coast can make issues worse, depending on what they are and their intensity. Sober living isn’t a walk in the park because the parties are constant. It’s as if you don’t want to miss out on a good time, and there are lots of them the closer you live to Nevada and California. Usually, it’s better to exercise caution. If you’ve been out here before and sampled the high-roller lifestyle, it’s good to remember that it was a vacation, and it’s not sustainable long-term. There are centers out here for a reason!

You’ll Need A Car

This is particularly pertinent if you’re an east coaster. In New York, the subway takes you from place to place without a glitch. And if the trains fail, there are regular buses. The same isn’t true of the west coast, where public transport is sporadic and unreliable, and the cities are massive. Therefore, a car is essential if you want to get around quickly and easily. Sometimes, even walking to the store for milk and bread isn’t possible without a ride. If you don’t have one already, you will need to speak to a dealer. At least it will save you money on a moving truck!

The American Dream: What Nobody Tells You About Moving To The West Coast

Pexels – CC0 License

Speaking Spanish Helps

Immigration from Mexico and the rest of Latin America is pretty big in the west. Whether you live in Cali or Arizona, there’s a good chance you’ll come across Spanish-speakers. Some of them might not speak English, either, which can leave you in a tricky spot. It’s not necessary to be fluent, although it doesn’t hurt. But getting a grasp of basic phrases will come in handy for communication purposes, helping you to feel less awkward and make new friends. The west coast is as multilingual as it gets in the US.

Your Friends Will Want To Visit

Once they hear you’ve relocated, the first thing they’ll say is, “we’ll come and visit you sometime!” Based on that, you might want to consider the size of property on the market. A small house will suffice for now, but it won’t be comfortable if your friends visit regularly. It’s not as if a spare bedroom will be a waste, as long as you can afford the extra costs.

Now that you know some of the truths about the west coast, are you ready to move? Just an FYI, despite all this, I moved from the east to west coast and have no regrets! Both LA and Las Vegas have been great homes for me.

Thank you for reading!

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