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The Alt Left Position on Homosexuality and the Gay Lobby

Posted on the 22 April 2016 by Calvinthedog

I am not crazy about the Gay Lobby, though I do support gay rights at least to a certain degree. I actually participate in gay political campaigns and am on a lot of their mailing lists. On the other hand, due to a lot of bad experiences, I am not crazy about gay men, but that is more of a personal matter between me and them.

I also think that the Cultural Left is lying a lot about homosexuality, and we ought to tell the truth about this subject – Sexual Orientation Realism or Gay Realism, along with gender realism and race realism ought all to be pillars of the Alt Left.

In addition, I am completely opposed to the propagation of homosexuality as the Latest Cool and Groovy Trend. Sure biological gays should be supported, but straight people have a tremendous potential for bisexuality and it should not be encouraged or turned into a fad. In addition, the mechanics of female homosexuality are not well understood at all.

Furthermore, no one quite knows how biologically gay men get wired up either, and there is not guarantee that homosexuals will remain at 2% of the population of any society forever. Societies past and present have given the stamp of approval to cultural recreational homosexuality for men, although few of those men were biological gays. As you can see, levels of homosexuality can go up or down depending on society.

My opinion is that 2% homosexuals is quite enough for a healthy society, homosexuality in general is bad for society but nevertheless normal for a small number of people, and finally, levels of homosexuality in society ought to be kept to a reasonable minimum, and homosexuality should not be propagated as a recreational activity or fad for the mostly-straight masses (who, as mentioned, nevertheless have a huge bisexual potential).

If you wanted to pin me down, I would of course support all truly biological bisexual men as I would support any biological gay men, but I would oppose recreational of fad bisexuality among predominantly straight men, the levels of which in any society are probably subject to dramatic changes in either and up or down direction. I do not think it should be the groovy thing to do for your average mostly straight guy to think that sucking a cock now and then is the latest cool thing to do.

I think we should also oppose the cultural conservatives’ line on gays and we must also oppose homophobes. White I am not crazy about gay men, I dislike homophobes about 100X worse, partly because for some insane reason, they mostly brutalize and torment straight men. I am assuming they are enforcing norms of masculinity for men. homophobes are probably not very healthy people who mostly bully, pick on, persecute, attack and discriminate against people who are mostly minding their own business.

Whatever harm homosexuality causes to society is surely overridden by the tremendous damage that hate-filled homophobes cause in part because many of their victims are men who are 100% heterosexual. So in addition to being vicious and cruel, homophobes are also stupid and absurd. Surely homophobia is not an Alt Left value. Let’s leave that for the cultural conservatives. They do homophobia so well after all.

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