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The Adventures of Fawn by Al E. Boy @JGBookSolutions

By Lauriej

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Welcome!!  Thanks so much for this opportunity to find out a little about you and your work!
If I came to visit early in the morning would you impress me as being more like a chirpy bird or a grumpy bear?
Some folks are ‘morning people’, and others are “evening people’. I’m basically an ‘any time of the day’ person. I wake up in a good mood and go to bed in a good mood.
Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extrovert? Why?
I’m certain they’d most definitely say I’m an extrovert. I’m not exactly what anyone would call shy. I’m also an English/Drama teacher. It doesn’t do you much good to be introverted when you have a job like that.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’ve been a Santa for 40 years. I first donned the beard, wig, boots and red suit for the Christmas season in November 1976.
Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your books? 
1)   They’re playful, full of magic and adventure, and have a cast of characters you’re sure to love. 2)   If you or your children have ever had questions about Santa, the North Pole, the elves or reindeer, etc., there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to find an imaginative, fun, and playful answer to it.
What do you find most rewarding about writing?
The finished product. When it’s finally done…edited and re-written countless times…with all of the illustrations completed. It’s nice to be able to sit down and enjoy it. For me…the books kind of write themselves. So, when it’s all done…really all done…I can sit down and read it…and appreciate it like any other reader would.
Beatles or Monkees? Why?
The Beatles. Why? Well…it’s kind of like asking which one is the better holiday…Christmas or Boxing Day?Do you have a favorite quote, quip, or saying? What is it?
Yes, I do. It’s:
“Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong.”


The trilogy, The Adventures of Fawn is an entertaining, imaginative, heartwarming excursion into the magical, mythical world of the North Pole, Santa, his friends and reindeer. Through Fawn’s many exploits you’ll watch her grow and mature as she learns about life and the world she lives in. And…you’ll also learn the answers to many questions and mysteries surrounding the North Pole and Santa himself.
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Title:  ‘Til the Last Snowflake FallsSeries:  The Adventures of FawnAuthor:  Al E. BoyPublished:  2014Genre:  Children’s Fiction/Fantasy

Synopsis:Legendary reindeer,Comet and Vixen, have a daughter named Fawn. Fawn yearns to explore the world outside Santa’s Village, but her parents tell her she’s much too young to go off by herself.“I want some fun and excitement! I don’t care how dangerous it is!”When the young reindeer utters these words, and begins sneaking out each day…she has no idea what’s in store for her!Along the way, Fawn does make friends with a snow bunny and a short snowman…Snowboy. But all is not so rosy, as she comes to realize the dangers her parents warned her about, are actually very, very real!Hungry, wild animals, a deadly North Pole blizzard, and dangerous strangers capturing animals to sell to a New York City zoo are just some of the situations she’s going to have to face.It’s going to be an incredible, exciting, and unforgettable week!

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Excerpt from Book #1-'Til the Last Snowflake Falls:
Today was going to be the day!    Fawn had it all planned out. The young reindeer would wait until her dad and mum, Comet and Vixen, came home to the stable, and she was going to calmly explain how unhappy she was.   Sure…she’d mentioned it before, (more like every other day), but each time her bad mood had gotten the better of her and she’d wound up arguing with her parents. Each time they had told her she wasn’t old enough…not mature enough…to be going out on her own.   Fawn had often pondered over their words.   Not mature enough?!   She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant…but just the same she didn’t like the sound of it!    I think it’s like saying I’m still a baby! Darnit! I’m four and a half months old!!   Fawn was convinced fun…excitement….maybe even friends could be hers to enjoy if she was free to explore the world outside Santa’s Village.   I blew it those other times by getting too excited. If I can plainly and calmly explain to mom and dad how bored and lonely I am…how I need some friends…surely they’ll see how much I’ve changed…how much more ‘mature’ I am now…whatever that means! I’ll wait for them to come home…and then I’ll show them.   Yes, indeed! She had it all planned out!

   But sometimes even the best laid plans can fall apart.


4 Stars

This feel-good holiday fantasy is a recommended read for kids, tweens and younger teens, but it is also an enjoyable read for adult readers, too.  Embrace the magic of Christmas, visit the North Pole, and meet the young, curious, and bored reindeer, Fawn.  Fawn’s craving for excitement and adventure is insatiable.  She figures out how to escape from the stable at the North Pole, venturing out into the world against the explicit wishes of her concerned but absent parents. 

Fawn quickly meets some new friends, and along the way they pick up some valuable lessons. The themes of Loyalty, friendship, and teamwork feature prominently throughout the well-told saga.  Some of the escapades are humorous, but all of them provide a magical way for fawn and her new friends to grow by testing their endurance and cognitive skills.  There are sketches scattered throughout the book that add interest and give form to some of the characters whose exploits are integral to the uplifting narrative. ‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls is the first book in a lengthy fantasy trilogy that is sure to capture the imagination of your young readers.  It would make a cherished gift for your child or grandchild. 

Reviewed by Laurie-J

Also Available:
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Synopsis:The Adventures of Fawn continue as an evil former elf Princess is trying to destroy The Ona Pendulum…a device that enables Santa, Wajic, his elves and reindeer to live for hundreds of years. So Fawn and her friends are off to the rescue to save Santa and company…Christmas 1849….and every other future Christmas, as well! In the process they’ll learn how a young toymaker named Kristoff Kringle became Santa Claus, how he met the elves, and where his famous, “Ho-Ho-Ho” comes from. They’ll also learn about the Rua Ondos…wonderful, magical shooting stars which fell to Earth on the very first Christmas. The Ona Pendulum is an adventure the whole family will enjoy!!

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Synopsis:The Adventures of Fawn continue in “Far and Yet So Near’, as the young reindeer, Bunny, Doctor Weather and friends find themselves trailing Santa’s reindeer after they come under the control of a mysterious stranger, and suddenly, mindlessly march off together. Set in the year 1849, “Far And Yet So Near” sees the group led to an underground cavern where they learn the mystery man intends to steal the team of reindeer. Santa and his wizard friend, Wajic turn up in the nick of time…and it looks like everyone is rescued. But the stranger has a few tricks up his sleeve, and explosions unexpectedly rock the cavern as he makes good his escape. But not before he ‘reindeer-naps’ Fawn and carries her off to a waiting ship. She soon finds herself a pet in an English manor house near London. Will Fawn ever return to the North Pole? Will she ever see her parents again? Will anyone ever be able to find her? Did Santa, Wajic, Doctor Weather and the reindeer perish in the explosions? Read “Far And Yet So Near” to find out!

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About the Author:Al E. Boy is an English teacher, originally from Canada, but currently residing in Seoul, South Korea.
Through almost 40 years as a Santa Claus, Al E. Boy developed quite a repertoire of tales to explain and answer the many questions children ask about Santa, the North Pole, his reindeer, and his friends, the elves.
It was this collection of tales which prompted him to begin writing The Adventures of Fawn. Through the young daughter of legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen, he’s been able to weave an exciting, colorful, imaginative world which will delight readers of all ages!

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