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The Advantages of Slow Food Fast Food and Frigidaire Plcf489gc Area – Part of the Frigidaire Series

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

The advantages of Slow Food fast food and Frigidaire Plcf489gc area – part of the Frigidaire seriesFast food is a phenomenon that most people know in the world. However, the slow food is less known. Slow Food's name is somewhat misleading, since it is the opposite of fast food. The Slow Food movement is more just and more attention to what we eat. It offers an alternative to modern fast paced life through the philosophy of comprehensive, why and how we should eat a meal in the provision of information on the supply of products, cooking methods and positive social aspects of eating and sharing .

What fast food?

To understand what food is very slow, we need to understand what the antidote is fast food. In general, fast food fast food term refers to the low quality ingredients and the preparation of produce, served in disposable containers for restaurant franchise chains, independent stores and kiosks. It is often too expensive little value, nutritional and eaten "on the run". It occurs often in an industrial environment pre-packaged and shipped to retailers, which can be heated or cooked quickly. Although some fast food is healthier Sushi, quickly fried or grilled meat and fresh baked potatoes, salads, sandwiches fresh vegetables, most is not. common fast foods like burgers, fries, fish and chips, pizzas and kebabs are often highly processed and contain large amounts of additives are high in calories, trans-fatty acids, sugars and salts, and relatively small portions.

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is a value system that is designed to combat the harmful effects of fast food. His whole philosophy centered on the idea of ​​"living a quiet life from the table." The Slow Food movement was founded in Italy in 1986 and has grown in 122 countries around 83,000 members.

promotes the most important values ​​and encourages extensive use of regional and local products, methods of culture and traditional cuisine and share the joy of eating prepared slowly and carefully and other cooked in society everything that feeds a mind and healthy body.

However, the mission also extends to the conservation of foods and ingredients such as plants, seeds and domestic animals through programs such as education and regional cultural tastes and provides support for people traditional local cuisine from the source of quality and promote more nutritious and tastier than fast food,

Health services

By eating and social attitude of the Slow Food assumption that physical and mental health much more than a quick diet can be improved. fast food providers, especially in the United States, urging consumers "Very large" to buy that contributed to the problem of obesity, which increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, blood diseases joint problems.

Fast food is often consumed quickly, often antisocial and bad for the digestion. With slow food, food becomes a special event. In preparing food, people take the time to talk to relax and share with others while the food more. Because of the slow food made with fresh local ingredients and organic products (often, so free of synthetic chemicals), guests have to know peace, where their food comes and brings a high nutritional value.

Many people are surprised to learn that slower weight loss diet aid. The conditioned eating behavior until completely is a complex process are, depending on the frequency chew, provided we eat and the amount of food we eat. When we chew and eat more slowly and spend more time at the table, most people find that less food to feel full is needed.

The advantages of Slow Food fast food and Frigidaire Plcf489gc area – part of the Frigidaire seriesLifestyle benefits

Moreover, the diet is more fun because of the exchange. Meals are traditionally a time when people can meet and share with others, not just a meal, but binding. This is a closer relationship with friends and family who are happy to share.
Lunch allowed gradually we like more. Fast food is designed to be eaten quickly, so concentrates the flavors. However, the taste is not last long and is ultimately unsatisfying. slow food, on the other hand, is made with the best ingredients and produce, which is filled with natural flavors. As we eat slowly in a relaxed atmosphere, we learn more flavors, textures and aromas, and to gain a new appreciation of our food.

All Frigidaire appliances are designed for a long time as a high-end products are recognized to have the quality and durability. They were filled with millions of customers for decades. The name is Frigidaire. By collateral, which is supported by a national team of hundreds of professional technicians who service the Frigidaire DID Devices

Frigidaire stainless steel appliances are very popular in today's kitchens. Stainless steel does not corrode, stain or rust as easily as other metals. It is very attractive, modern and easy to clean. His brilliant silvery appearance goes well with other mixers and easily mixes with any color of cookware.

The Frigidaire plcf489gc is a double stainless steel cooker with five gas burners and is part of the Frigidaire series. The gas burners are sealed and liquid fat is not seep into the pan, if the food is cooked. Stove top cooking gas is recognized by most professional chefs as the best food on the stove for more uniform and controlled heat in taste, prepare what food cooked to perfection. You no longer have to struggle to cook a Thanksgiving meal, so that everything is ready at the same time. Customers do not have to wait while the vegetable sauce or additional heating.

This area also includes a convection oven for efficiency and food preparation. Convection ovens have a fan, warm air passes over and around the food to cook faster and more evenly. You can cook in savings thus also at a lower temperature in the cost and time for you. A second, small oven on the side of the stove to add additional meeting space for cooking food, which saves time for more interaction with your family and guests. You do not have to wait pushed a second batch of food in the oven. You can use this banana bread or cranberry bread cook and serve with special sauce immediately after dinner.

This amazing hearth furnace has a self-cleaning oven with a Visualite window and a background of large stainless steel drawer. The drawer easily a wide range of kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, potholders, baking utensils, pots and pans included. The security lock on the door that gives peace of mind when you have young children at home. Broilers may vary perfectly cooked, the temperature of 450-550 degrees Fahrenheit for meat. The timer three sturdy and lightweight double oven rack add wonderful features of this excellent offer.

If you walk into a store and see selling Frigidaire brand know that you are in a place where you can buy high-quality, reliable equipment. The area is a plcf489gc illustration stainless steel appliances Frigidaire Frigidaire, the salient examples of this proud history. You will be delighted to demonstrate this high power range, nicely designed for family and friends.

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