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The 5 Golden Rules of Consistency on Social Media

Posted on the 25 February 2016 by Andreaantal @andreaeantal

As marketers and business owners, we all share something in common - we can't help but sweat the small stuff, and social media is no exception.

We're all trying to stand out from the crowd with meaningful messages and identities that attract a wider audience.

We're always stressing over whether we're posting at the optimal times, if our posts are in line with our brand and tone, and of course, when is enough, enough?

The answer to all these questions is: Consistency.

For the record, consistency isn't about churning out posts as if there's no tomorrow. The rules of consistency should be guided by:

  • Timing: If you've decided that you'll stick to posting on weekdays, then stick to that. If you decide that weekends are more manageable for you (noting that studies show engagement is high on weekends), then do that.
  • Frequency: If you only post once a day, or once an hour, there's nothing wrong with your current schedule if you keep to it. But something's amiss if you're posting 20 times on one day and then going MIA (missing in action) for 20 days straight. Be realistic about what you can produce, and stick with it!
  • Tone: Whatever platforms you use, your tone should reflect yourself or the brand you're posting as. For example, if you are conservative and professional in some updates and totally casual and personal in others, this inconsistent tone will confuse your audience.
  • Message: What is your theme? If your identity is based around selling cupcakes, and then you post a photo of your late-night Saturday bender, there's no doubt you'll lose credibility. Stick with your theme.
  • Engagement: This is extremely important as social media is all about being, well, social! You need to be able to respond to the critics just as effectively and consistently as you are to your greatest admirers. In fact, how you respond to a criticism can be more impactful if you handle it timely and correctly. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to your worthy audience, whether it's online or in your daily business.

On a final note, consistency doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment or try new things. Evaluating what works and what doesn't is important to ensuring you learn and grow as a person or a business, but building a strong social community is important, so be mindful of how you're putting yourself out there on the social stage.

What are your top tips for being more consistent in social media marketing? Let me know by popping your comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The 5 Golden Rules of Consistency on Social Media

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