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The 20 :: Your Daily Cup of Culture (#212)

By Ventipop @ventipop
4. Current Book Obsession - I'm about halfway through City of Thieves by David Benioff and it's so good it makes me wish he would stop his little side job as Game of Thrones co-writer and just focus on writing more novels. I think this review from the New York Times says it best with this quip, 5. PopQuiz, Hotshot! - 6. You're Saying It Wrong!!! - Acai, gyro, pho, endive, jicama, mascarpone, poke, paella, Worcestershire and many more food words we can't pronounce correctly. 7. Weird Art of the Da8. Underrated TV - Narcos is one of the most entertaining yet underrated shows in the Netflix original series universe. Today, Netflix released its first look at the Season 4 reboot of Narcos starring Michael Pena and Diego Luna. 9. Springsteen On Broadway On Netflix - 10. Feel - More Boss. Here's a snippet of what you'll see on Netflix on December 15th. From the 2018 Tony Awards: Put away your wallet - you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars to see Bruce Springsteen's Broadway show. Netflix announced Wednesday that it will broadcast The Boss' one-man show on Dec. 15, his last performance. "Springsteen on Broadway" has been extended three times. He had previously planned to end in February, then pushed it to June 30, then pushed that to Dec. 15. In the show, Springsteen performs more than a dozen songs and tells stories about growing up in New Jersey. Tickets for the show at the Walter Kerr Theatre have been reselling for more than $1,000. y - For some unfathomable reason, a huge statue of a topless Jeff Goldblum is now in London. Do you know how much the world spent on emergency relief? Which countries gave the most money? And which countries received the most? Take the Humanitarian Aid Short Quiz. (I got a 60% which is the best I've done on a test in a while) " recent novel I have read travels so quickly and surely between registers, from humor to devastation."

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