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The 20 :: Your Daily Cup of Culture (#186)

By Ventipop @ventipop
18. Subscription Service of the Day - Bullymake will send a box each month for the power chewers in your life. AKA (hopefully) your dog. What if Cujo munches his way through a selection? Just send it back within 14 days and they'll replace it with a rougher, tougher option. 19. The Purple Syllabus - 20. Rockstar - During a Green Day concert in Oakland, CA, Billie Joe Armstrong stopped mid-song to ask the audience if someone wants to play guitar with the band. He singled out a young girl in the front row with bright green and blue hair. The teen tells him she's been playing guitar her whole life so Armstrong brings her up on stage: "This syllabus presents works written by scholars and journalists across diverse topics. Our hope is that this syllabus will serve as a resource for teachers and curriculum designers looking to infuse their classrooms and courses with Prince content."

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