The 20 Essential Applications for 2020 – Review

Posted on the 04 June 2020 by Manojsinha8100

The Phenix application allows you to buy unsold goods from merchants in baskets at reduced prices. Where it stands out from its competitors is that it is possible to see what is in the basket in advance, which avoids ending up with 2kg of meat when you are vegetarian. And therefore reduce the amount of food thrown in the trash at the end of the circuit. The application is free (the baskets are not) and available on iOS and Android.

The company also offers multiple solutions for recycling unsold and non-food items: donations to associations, sale of downgraded products (such as "ugly vegetables") on alternative distribution channels, upcycling, etc.

The principle of Trocr is simple: the seller sells an object, the buyer acquires it at a low price and the income from the sale goes to an association chosen by the first. This association receives the proceeds of the sale in the form of a donation, which also allows the seller to benefit from a tax credit.

In order to avoid announcements two years old with no takers, Trocr has set up a degressive auction system: it gradually reduces (-10% every 15 days) the price of objects that cannot be found. Available both on Google Play and the AppStore, it is free .

Tired of the toys piling up in the boxes and of this coffee pot from another age which sits at the top of the cupboard? Geev is an object and food donation application, available on iOS, Android and online. Once on the app or site, you can see all the ads, how far they are from you and for how long.

You start your journey with three bananas, the "currency" on the platform. When you contact someone for a donation, you are using a banana. With each donation made, you will earn two bananas and, if you subscribe to the Geev Plus program, you will have 60 bananas. It is also possible to buy packs. Why this currency? Bananas " allow everyone to focus on what they really need, when they need it, and to limit themselves to the objects they really want to adopt," argues Geev .

Mylabel / Ethicadvisor
Last September, Intermarché announced that it would review the recipe for 900 products rated below 50/100 on Yuka . Beyond the flagship application which claims some eight million users , other applications make everyday products more transparent, and not only on nutritional criteria.

MyLabel offers for example to evaluate them according to environmental, societal and health criteria, when Ethicadvisor is based on a grid of more than 40 criteria (there too, social impact, health, ecology) in order to help consumers to buy without betraying their values. Both free, they are available on iOS and Android.

More classic, Swapbook is an application for buying and reselling used books. Aimed particularly at students (even if there are not only school books on the platform), the application available on Google Play and the AppStore also wants to facilitate meetings and exchanges of good deals between users. The latter also have the possibility of donating 10% of the transaction to an association.

The ones that make you (better) travel
In 2020, no more excuses to stop at the first fast-food restaurant you come across when leaving the airport or to lose your electronic tickets in your mailbox. The apps are there to help you.

The Escapad application , launched in April 2019, offers visit guides developed by tourism professionals and bloggers and enriched by digital. Once on the application map, small tablets appear, each for a pre-determined route in a particular district or on a theme. A card presents a short description of the route, the number of activities, the duration of the experience, the distance and the pace required. The application is mostly free, with some paid routes offered by private museums.

The map also offers an "Exhibitions" mode where, here too, geolocated tablets give access to guides for visiting exhibitions or museums. The content can be enriched with photos, videos, 360 ° experiences, etc. Guides are available for more than 80 cities at the moment.

The French FairTrip application presents another way of traveling, far from franchised hotels and fast-food restaurants chosen out of spite. It is a free, collaborative guide available on iOS and Android, which references accommodation, restaurants and experiences based on the following criteria: being authentic, green, local, united and fair.

In addition, the application makes it possible to book directly via emblematic sites like Booking,, Expedia or La Fourchette and transfers 10% of what it earns on bookings to impact projects in developing countries.

No need to frantically search for your tickets in your emails in front of the SNCF gate, with a network that has gone up in the meantime. The French Moove application allows multi-modal train reservations (TER, Lyria, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV, etc.), with a complete itinerary from the point of departure to the address of arrival. Tickets are then stored in the app or in the Apple Wallet or to be available offline. Aircraft reservations should soon be available.

Those who help you take care of yourself (and others)
According to a YouGov study for Maddyness, medtech is a sector where 73% of French people would like to see innovations, ahead of personal services (59%). That's good, some apps combine the two.

If you suffer from sleep, eating, anxiety, addiction or are simply prone to blues, MonSherpa may be for you. This application has a chatbot which not only provides psychological support, but also offers exercises to relieve a disorder (anxiety, mental, etc.). This free digital coach also allows treatment monitoring, if there is one, and gives information on patients' rights and the help they can access.

Developed by the Doctopsy network in collaboration with psychiatrists, patients, CNRS researchers and the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle épinière (ICM), the application also allows you to book and / or consult psychiatrists online. , psychologists and specialists in nutrition and addictology.

Go shopping, go to the doctor, keep your administrative papers in order, or even just walk around: with age, some daily tasks can become tedious, especially when you are alone. The Paris en Compagnie application wants to fight against the isolation of the elderly by putting them in touch with Parisians willing to accompany them from time to time.

The registration process is a little longer than for a traditional application, but the game is worth the effort. Paris en compagnie asks those interested to first attend a one hour meeting where a medico-social coordinator explains the system, at the end of which the volunteer signs a "citizen charter hired "and present their ID. It is then possible to access all the support requests on the application: walks, leisure, medical, administrative appointments, etc.

Coorganiz is an augmented collective calendar management application. If it is open (and free in its basic version) to everyone, it has services that make it a privileged platform for coordinating people in dependence and helping them.

Not only does the application offer the features that one would expect from a shared calendar (task list, chat, dashboard), but offers particularly useful tools such as document sharing, visit reports and possibility to book a service directly in the application (life support, household help, social consultation for carers, remote assistance, etc.). A paid version offers more features such as a connection book, SMS reminders, an invitation mode, a week view or even web access.

After cancer, how do you get back to your "life before"? Once the hospital treatments are over, it is not a long, quiet river for patients who have just had cancer. A 2018 study conducted by Inserm finds, five years after a diagnosis, former sick people still report high suffering (73%), limitations in physical activity (52.6% for women) and significant fatigue for almost half. The aftermath can be very destabilizing, to the point that some people give up their treatment, compromising their chances of remission.

The MyCharlotte application allows daily monitoring of the patient's feelings and offers adapted physical or mental activities (such as yoga or meditation). Audio and video sessions are also offered, as well as informative mini-series with information on side effects and practical solutions for better living them. It has recently been free and accessible from GooglePlay, the AppStore or online .

The ones to take care of your children
Baby Sign
An American study has shown that six-month-old infants watch 20% more significant gestures in sign language than a one-year-old baby, pointing to the existence of a critical period for learning non-communication. verbal.

What if it was possible to understand the requests and frustrations of a toddler before he even spoke? This is the ambition of Bébé Signe , an application which wants to teach parents to interact with their child thanks to the basics of sign language. Each word or sign is illustrated by a video of the gesture to reproduce, with advice for a good achievement. Several signs are available for free and it is possible to buy more.

Problems and mental arithmetic sometimes lack appeal for children. The Math8 application stages Leon, a space traveler, to make children revise the concepts of the National Education programs: counting, mental calculation, multiplication tables... It is possible to speak to Leon, take notes from challenges and even find objects in its environment thanks to augmented reality.

Lulu & Kroy
If your child is not one to get caught up in the evening story or find it hard to stick his nose in a book, Lulu & Kroy may be the answer. This application offers stories in series of five episodes over which the child can take control. His choices will influence the rest of the story, somewhat like the "books of which you are the hero". Several subscription plans are available and one is free to explore the universe.

Those to better manage your business
Managing employees can be a real challenge, both for their productivity and for their well-being at work.

Being a manager can sometimes be a lonely vocation. Launched by the collaborative platform of activities between OuiSpoon colleagues , Lik (Learning is King) is a free application intended for managers.

It allows them to anonymously share the questions they ask themselves, the situations they live in and to comment on their experiences. Each week, they can vote on questions to which professionals answer via various formats: sms interview, voice message, video of a few minutes, etc. Lik is available on Android and iOS.

On average, a person takes nine minutes to refocus on their task after opening an email, according to an American study dating from 2007. And still, at that time, the sources of digital distraction were much fewer than today hui. By studying the data of more than 50,000 of its users, the time management application RescueTime has found that a person is ultimately really concentrated, without doing multi tasking, only 1h12 per day .

Scattering yourself during your working day has multiple consequences, both for the company and for the well-being of employees: productivity is lower, working time is stretched and it takes more energy to move from task to task.

If many solutions exist, the French Timax application allows you to manage time in a professional environment. In addition to the classic time tracking, Timax offers planning management, time export for customers, creation of interventions and, in its paid version, automatic time recovery to feed billing or centralized management interventions by the manager. It is available on iOS and Android.

Those to (better) enjoy your sports routine
If sport is one of your 2020 resolutions, here are a few apps so you don't die of boredom after your second jog of the year.

This free Montpellier application allows you, thanks to an interactive map, to find new walking routes for you and your dog. It is also possible to take on challenges and unlock trophies. Fed by the community, Woog also provides practical information: water point, point of view, trash can, mud zone, place to do your needs, etc.

"The application can have other uses," says Woog. It allows "to prove / follow the exit of your animal by the dog-walker, to program a stroll with several so that it is more reassuring, or to promote canine encounters for the well-being of dogs". The application is available on iOS and Android and also works if you do not have a dog.

If you are more museum than dog, Runnin'City is for you. In addition to the usual information from a sports performance monitoring app, it is also a tourist guide. Runnin'City offers loops between 2 and 42.2 km in more than 200 cities around the world to discover the emblematic places, with explanations of 30 seconds. Free, it is ideal for putting on your runners in an unknown city.

We ward
For those in a hurry, WeWard rewards walkers with gifts or euros. Users earn "wards" by walking, which they can then exchange for productions, reductions or simply euros.
The "wards" are won in stages, for about one "ward" every 2500 steps. It is also possible to go to partner places to get more. The application is free and available on iOS and Android.

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