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The 13 Most Romantic Jisbon Moments of All Time...so Far!

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Virginiamae @SugarRushedBlog
The 13 Most Romantic Jisbon Moments of all Time...so far!
Lisbon: "Like you don't have major trust issues."
Jane: "I trust people. I trust you."
Lisbon: "No you don't. I don't trust you either. You're untrustworthy. It's my job not to trust you."
Jane: "Lisbon. I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens, I will be there for you. I will. I need you to know that."
While it seems as if The Mentalist's Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon have been in one of the most drawn-out, slow-burning, subtle relationships in tv history, if one actually goes back and sifts through the many scenes they've shared, there's a deceptiveness to the prolonged nature of their not getting together.  Because when I glanced back through the rolodex of Jisbon memories, what struck me most was the tantalizingly weird fact that their love for each other has been extremely obvious all along.  Their reputation for being only vaguely implied as a couple is invalid.  Now that Lisbon's getting a boyfriend (and hence, we can expect Jane to be getting jealous [again]), will matters between Jisbon finally take a more serious turn towards fruition?  I suspect that, in spite of and because of the "Lisbon's boyfriend" and "Agent Fischer" would-be debacles, the answer will soon be a definitive "yes."  

In the meantime, let's take a traipse down Jisbon memory lane!  

13.  The origami frog.
Season 1, Episode 1, y'alls.  The entire vibe between Jane and Lisbon was already completely evident in all its glory.  I love Lisbon's startled giggle and smile, but my favorite is actually that little look of extreme, shall we say, interest that Jane gives her as he walks away.  Swoon.


12.  The dichotomy of Lorelai Martins and Sean Barlow noticing that Jane and Lisbon are in love.

Colonel Tigh.  Throwing out truth hammers.

11.  Lisbon reading Jane's letter
Aaaaahhhhh this situation just melts me into a puddle of gelatinous emotional goo.

10.  The socks
I die.

9.  The pink dress

This scene has the perfect combination of sexy flirtation and funny repartee that makes it ultra extra perfectly Jisbon-tastic.

8.  Jane is jealous...times two!

Yup.  Not only was Jane smolderingly, overtly jealous when Lisbon flirted with Walter Mashburn back in Season 3, but he also didn't take kindly to news of her planned date with Osvaldo Ardilles in Season 6.  Even from the screenshot below, you can see the total anger on Jane's face.  My favorite part, aside from the hotness of a jealous Jane, is the way Lisbon clearly enjoys goading him about her date.  Awesome!

7.  The hand-holding in the Season 4 finale

At this moment of complete despair, Lisbon was Jane's anchor.

6.  Jane's reaction to Lisbon being painted with the Red John smiley face

Jane's horror at Lisbon's being hurt and marked by Red John, and his protective attitude towards her, is evident in his emotional call for water and his leap into the ambulance to gently wipe her face.

5.  The hug on the beach

I know, it's horrible that he tricks her after this, but it was for her own protection.  A painful yet beautiful scene.  Quintessential Jisbon angst.

4.  "Teresa, you can call me Patrick" / "Is there anyone who knows you?"
Check Jane out, multi-tasking, basically admitting to his subconscious manifestation of Charlotte that he loves Lisbon, while flirting with real-life Lisbon in between.  Sigh!

3.  The post-Mexico hug
It's not just the obviously incredible hug action going on here.  It's the way they look at each other after they sit down.  WHOA.

2.  Dancing to "More than Words"

What.  This never stops being amazing.

1.  "Love you."  "That thing you said before you shot me...what did it mean?"

First of all, this is not the only time Jane told Lisbon he loved her.  He also did so, in my interpretation intentionally taking advantage of the situation to say it out loud, in another episode when he and Lisbon briefly went undercover as a couple.

This time was more overt, and came about in heightened circumstances when Jane fake shot Lisbon to stage an elaborate trick on Red John.  Obviously upset by everything about the situation, Jane swept Lisbon into one of their typically epic hugs.  Note Lisbon making her patented "O.M.G. Jane's hugging me, what do I do" face, always one of my favorite features.  Then he said the "L" word, giving Lisbon not a millisecond to react before the plot lurched into motion with the "shooting" they then enacted.

Afterwards, like any sane woman, Lisbon confronted Jane about what he'd said, but he dodged the question by pretending he had forgotten.  Sure, Mr. Memory Palace forgot all about it....I think not!

I know there many more Jisbon moments of note, so are there any you would add to the list?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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