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That’s A Lot of LEGO Bricks! – A LEGO Kidsfest Review

By Elizabeth Comiskey @lazyhippiemama

***This is a sponsored post. I am receiving compensation in exchange for an honest review of the event. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Last night we had the opportunity to attend LEGO Kidsfest in Novi, MI.  I had never been to Kidfest before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed there would be a lot of LEGO bricks. I never could have imagined…

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the extraordinary LEGO® creations. These may be made of children’s toys but they are amazing works of art. I learned that just Lightning McQueen alone was made of more than 325,000 bricks and weighed over a ton!

Toddler-saurus Rex was impressed, though he was trying hard to play it cool.

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

Several themed stations with every focus from Star Wars and Chima to Princesses and even Duplos were set up in the enormous room.  We dove into the Big Brick Pile right away.

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

Sweet Hippie Daughter has an aunt that calls her, “Super Kitty, so when we got to the Super Heros station and we were handed a flat white square and told to make our own super hero badges she knew right away what she wanted to make.  I watched patiently for a few minutes and then decided it just wasn’t right that the kids were having all the fun. I felt called to make my own Lazy Hippie Mama Super Hero Badge.

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

The whole family enjoyed building cars and racing them down the cool tracks. I’m pretty sure it was in the race car area where Handsome Hippie Hubby finally caved and started playing.  Consider yourself warned. Those little bricks have an irresistible call to your inner Creative Spirit!

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

Having the opportunity to see the new MindStorm sets was very cool.  These amazing LEGO® robot creations can be controlled by the little remote or by your smart phone!  Unfortunately, you only got to play with 3 different robots for 1 minute each.  Just when we would start to figure out how they worked it was time to move to the next. It was a big crowd and they had to keep everyone moving but maybe it would have been more fun to have the chance to play with just one toy for 3 minutes.

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

We finished our evening with a very silly photo shoot among the LEGO® statues. I loved seeing how much fun my whole family had posing with them!

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

Overall I have to give LEGO® Kidfest a massive two-thumbs up.

Info you may want to know:

Bathrooms at the Suburban Collection Center were few and far between. It’s possible that I just didn’t know where they all were but I only remember seeing one the whole time. It wasn’t over crowded, just… far. It’s a big room. If your toddler has to go the restroom the other side of a room that size it may as well be the other side of the universe.

Chairs, also, are few and far between. The kids will plop on the floor and happily build for hours. Prepare to sit criss cross applesauce right next to them or else you’ll find yourself standing pretty much the whole time. There are a few areas with seating around the edges but the chairs were always full of grandparents and pregnant moms.

Each station has a different colored carpet, with concrete walks in between. We found this made it very easy to keep track of the kids. “Do not leave the green carpet without us,” was a simple and easy-to-understand instruction.

The wide concrete walkways would make moving between stations with a stroller or wheelchair very easy. Navigating to the work tables might be a little trickier but certainly not overly difficult by any means.

There were A LOT of people there but it never felt over-crowded, and I am a person who gets major anxiety in big crowds. LEGO® Kidsfest only sells a limited number of tickets so the sessions do not get overwhelmed.

There are some very cool LEGO® sets available in the gift shop. Also books, tee-shirts and anything else you can think of. Save the shopping for last or you’ll end up carrying 100 bags around with you all night and your hands won’t be free for playing.

My final piece of advice.

Don’t rush! You’re not going to see it all. You’re just not. There’s too much.

Choose which areas are a priority to you and focus on those and then let your children have as much time as they want to create.  How many times in their life are they going to have free access to an infinite supply of LEGO® bricks?  Instead of hurrying, watch and see what they come up with. They just might amaze you with how creative and innovative they can be!

That's A Lot of LEGO Bricks - A LEGO Kidsfest Review |

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