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That Annoying Passenger Next To You On The Plane May Be Sitting Backwards In The Future

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The LA Times reports that a leading French airline seat manufacturer has patented a new airline seat design where every other passenger will be seated backwards.  Presumably, in the next row, the pattern will reverse, making passengers face each other.  The move would allow up to 80 new seats on a single plane.

3 Observations About This Story

1. The toddler who kicks the back of your seat will not be kicking you. Good luck having their parents discipline them when they will each be seated in the opposite direction.

2. Is there really demand to stick 80 new seats on any plane? Where do you think everyone will suddenly want to go on an even more cramped jet, airlines?

3. Good luck figuring out how to get up to use the bathroom, window seat passengers.  All you have to do is get passed one person sitting backwards. Oh and you may or may not be sitting backwards while you contemplate this.  Now using the bathroom can be as fun as a sliding tile puzzle.

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