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Thanksgiving Turkey Table Cards Tutorial

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden
This craft is a fun way to engage kids for a couple of days this November ;) Have them collect about two dozen pretty leaves from the yard and press them in a heavy book for at least 24 hours. When the leaves are nice and dry, they can be made into these adorable table cards below ;) 1 Turkey Table Cards You Will Need: assorted leaves {pressed}, craft glue, acrylic paint in various colors, small paint brushes, markers, card stockStep 1 Arrange and glue an odd number of leaves {like 3 or 5} in a fan-like shape on a folded rectangular shape of card stock.2 Turkey Table CardsStep 2Cut a leaf in half for the turkey’s body and glue on top of the other leaves. Use some colorful acrylic paint to add details such as white eyes, a beak and feather colors.3 Turkey Table CardsStep 3Use black paint to add the turkey’s pupils, legs and feet. Let dry.4 Turkey Table CardsStep 4Add any additional information {like a name or decoration} to your table card with markers. If you wish, list all the things that make you thankful for that person inside the table card.Step 5Here are some other ideas to keep the kiddos busy with leaf crafting over the Thanksgiving holiday!!5 Leaf CreaturesHave a wonderful holiday!

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